‘David Bowie Is’ Exhibit Coming To VR & AR Devices This Fall

Sony Music partners with the David Bowie Archive, Planta, and London’s Victoria & Albert Museum to deliver an incredible VR/AR retrospective of David Bowie’s career.

The remarkable David Bowie Is exhibit that will be available as a virtual experience sometime in 2018 thanks to Sony Music’s collaboration with the David Bowie Archive, Planeta, and London’s Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A).

The exhibit, which hit a total of 12 cities and brought in over 2 million fans, allowed you to explore Bowie’s creative process to see exactly how he designed and innovated a persona to reflect the music he was creating at the time, and how he was able to challenge us socially through his art as this amazing cultural icon.

The touring exhibit gave visitors access to custom-made performance costumes, oil paintings, handwritten lyric sheets, as well as videos featuring the legendary artists various film and television roles.

This digital adaption of David Bowie Is takes the popular exhibit and uses VR/AR technology to transport you into a more intimate environment where you can step into his process through audio-visual spaces. You’re also free to try on one of Bowie’s many fantastical outfits from all eras of his career, as well as engage with the influential artist in a way that has never been done before.

Bowie’s music and art was loved around the world, and because of that the experience will be available in 9 different languages, with a portion of the proceeds being donated to the V&A and the Brooklyn Museum.

As of right now, Sony is being incredibly secretive on what else we can expect from the VR/AR version of David Bowie Is. That mysterious approach seems to embrace the true spirit of David Bowie. keeping you guessing on what you might expect from something with Bowie’s name connected to it.

Bowie’s career was a mix of art, music and innovation.  He described himself as “a cosmic yob,” who once said about his future, “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.”

He was certainly right about that. Hopefully this mysterious immersive experience can finally help us better understand the legendary man from Mars.

The VR/AR version of David Bowie Is will be available on all platforms sometime later this year.

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Image Credit: Brooklyn Museum

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