Watch Darth Maul Try His Hand At Beat Saber

The galaxies most ferocious Sith Lord takes on VR’s most ferocious rhythm game.

Imagine this: It’s 1999 and you’re sitting in your local theater awaiting the release of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, shaking with anticipation at the thought of the first new Star Wars film in 16 years.

Finally, the film begins, and you’re instantly entranced by a cinematic experience that, despite its many flaws, has you appreciating the magic of the Star Wars universe all over again. Then, an absolutely diabolical-looking Sith Lord carrying a never-before-seen, double-sided ‘lightsaber’ appears, and your entire world comes crashing down around you.

Darth Maul revolutionized Lucasfilm’s legendary franchise with his one-of-a-kind weaponry and unique fighting style, and has since remained one of the most iconic movie villains in recent memory. Honestly, the only thing more impressive than watching the satantic Sith Lord cut-down a well-trained Liam Neeson, is watching him slice through colored blocks to a delightfully-hypnotic beat.

In a video posted to Instagram earlier this weekend, Ray Park, the actor who portrayed the Dathomirian Zabrak warrior in Phantom Menace and, most recently, in (Spoilers) Solo: A Star Wars Story, Park can be seen slicing his way through multiple waves of red-and-blue cubes in a frantic round of Beat Saber for the Playstation VR.

“Here ya go! Some of you have asked. First time on Beat Saber and couldn’t resist a bit of a boogie! My kids are the best at it in our home.” states Park in his post. Apparently, Ray may have some force-sensitive younglings of his own. We may very well be witnessing the birth of a world-conquering family dynasty here people.

Beat Saber seems like a natural fit for the incredibly-physical actor, who underwent extensive training for the part of Maul; including gymnastics and ballet. It’s just a shame we didn’t get to see the talented stunt performer flex his muscles with the Darth Maul mod, an unofficial game mode that replaces Beat Saber’s standard dual-saber gameplay with the Sith Lord’s famous double-sided weapon.

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