Dance Dash Is A VR Game You Play With Your Feet

Calling all Dance Dance Revolution fans…

The 2023 Game Developer Conference (GDC) is just around the corner and we’re already seeing exciting announcements from companies big and small. This includes Rebuff Reality, who will be at the event showcasing Dance Dash, a VR rhythm game that’s played with your feet instead of your hands.

Similar to Dance Dance Revolution, the classic music video games series, Dance Dash tasks you with stomping to the beat of high-energy dance songs in an attempt to rack up the highest scores possible. You’ll also need to duck, dodge, and jump over various obstacles while avoiding virtual bear traps.

Dance Dash sets itself apart from competing VR rhythm game thanks to its unique use of TrackStrap technology. Rather than using your hands to interact with the virtual world, you instead strap Meta Quest Touch or Valve Index controllers to your legs and dance with your own two feet. There’s even a full-body tracking mode (FTB) which introduces additional targets for you to slap, punch, and hit. In order to access FBT mode, you’ll need additional VIVE Trackers.

Credit: Rebuff Reality

Other interesting features include a digital crowd that reacts to your performances in real-time, a free beat map editor that allows you to design custom tracks, and a dedicated avatar import system with support for popular services like Ready Player Me. Moving forward, the company plans on introducing leg tracking for major VR platforms like PlayStation VR and Quest Pro as well as support fo hand-tracking.

Dance Dash will be available to try at GDC booth #N3230 from March 20th to March 25th. For more information visit An official Kickstarter is apparently coming soon.

Feature Image Credit: Rebuff Reality

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