Dad Uses Vive To Create VR Tour Of Daughter’s Dollhouse

Using a collection of 360 photos, a little girl is able to explore her favorite toy in a brand new way.

In a solid attempt to win the coveted Dad Of The Year award for 2017, Toby Newman has gone above-and-beyond as a father by creating a custom 360 degree tour of his daughters favorite dollhouse, viewable in virtual reality. The ‘awe’ worthy project is simple, yet intuitive, serving as a shining example of what virtual reality is capable of when put in the right creative hands.

Using the popular Ricoh Theta SC 360-degree camera, a favorite of amateur 360 videographers, Toby painstakingly recorded every room inside his daughter’s impressive dollhouse for her to experience in first person.

Based off the photos it’s clear that dad also took extra time to carefully pose the various dolls in playful positions. Something that, based off her reaction, i’m sure she appreciated very much.

While the photo collage is simple and the results a little less than crystal clear, it’s still important to realize the potential of a project like this. Virtual reality continues to be a technology that transports us to places impossible to visit in-person. Much like this dollhouse, 360-degree cameras could be used to access hard-to-reach locations which can later be experienced in virtual reality. Imagine being able to travel directly into an ant farm and look around the epic tunnel systems in 360 degrees? Or how about visiting the epicenter of an active beehive, following hundreds of tiny bees as they buzz all around you? Okay so maybe the bee one is a bit terrifying, but regardless the contributions to education and entertainment could be massive.

To check out the collection of dollhouse photos yourself, you can head to Toby’s profile on Kuula and view them in 360. For even more immersion hit the ‘VR goggles’ symbol at the top right to view them in virtual reality.

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