Cybershoes Announces ‘Doom3Quest’ Support, Indiegogo Pre-Orders Now Available

Immerse yourself in id Software’s FPS classic with this unique artificial locomotion system.

When Cybershoes launched their Kickstarter campaign in late 2020, the response was beyond anything the team could have imagined. The company reached its goal of $30,000 in a single day with 470 backers pledging over $98K in support of the one-of-a-kind artificial locomotion system.

Cybershoes has now launched an Indiegogo campaign allowing VR enthusiasts around the globe an opportunity to pre-order their innovative wearable VR shoes. At the same time—thanks to a badass mod built by Team Beef—Cybershoes has also revealed full integration with Doom3Quest, adding an additional layer of realism to the heart-pounding POV shooter by bringing your feet into the game.

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In an official press release, Cybershoes CEO Michael Bieglmayer said, “We’re absolutely thrilled with how many people have supported our vision of providing new, intuitive locomotion capabilities to the Oculus Quest and Quest 2.” Bieglmayer continues, “We can’t wait until our backers are able to get their hands, or feet, on the product and feel what it’s like to use their natural body movements to navigate a doomed research facility on Mars and experience Doom3Quest in VR.”

Released back in 2004 to positive reviews, Doom 3 represents your classic first-person shooter. Unsurprisingly, the game is even more impressive in VR. The haunting environments and disgusting enemies look fantastic in-headset, immersing you in the blood-soaked halls of the UAC’s Mars-based research facility. Here you’ll slay hordes of blood-thirsty demons in an effort to prevent Hell from taking over the Earth. By adding the physical component of actually moving through hallways or running from these Hellish monsters, Cybershoes turns Doom3Quest into a nearly full-body horror experience.

One of the big advantages of using Cybershoes with VR experiences like Doom3Quest, and other compatible games like Arizona Sunshine and Journey of the Gods, is that the device translates how your brain and physical body experiences movement in VR; cybershoes can actually help prevent VR motion sickness.

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This also means no more teleportation, a method of artificial locomotion that—while comfortable for those prone to motion sickness—can take you out of the experience.

Connecting your Cybershoes with your Quest or Quest 2 is a fairly easy process. First, pair your headset to your Cybershoes via the CyQuest Bluetooth receiver. From there, all you have to do is slide on your Cybershoes and then select the Cybershoes locomotion option in the Oculus universal menu. All you need is a small space, a swivel chair, and a small carpet for you to shuffle your feet on.

There are several packages to choose from on the Cybershoes Indiegogo page, beginning at $399. Those who pre-order right now can earn up to 37% off.

Image Credit: Cybershoes

Of course, wearable tech like Cybershoes is only as great as the content its supporting. If you are a developer interested in integrating Cybershoes into your Oculus Quest/Quest 2 games or experiences, the company encourages you to reach out via the following email:

Cybershoes also work with any PC VR headset and is compatible with a number of existing VR games and apps. You can see the entire list of games that have been tested with Cybershoes here

You can learn more or pre-order your own pair of Cybershoes via their Indiegogo page. To keep up on the latest news follow @CybershoesVR on Twitter.

Feature Image Credit: Cybershoes

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