Create Your Own Free Roam VR Arcade On Oculus Quest With ‘Custom Home Mapper’

Build a multi-room location-based arcade complete with over six mini-games.

Available now on Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2, Custom Home Mapper is a neat application that turns your standalone headset into a location-based VR arcade. Players can actually map the physical layout of their homes, including any furniture or obstructions, and participate in a variety of simple mini-games that require them to move throughout their physical space. Today we’re going to explain exactly how to setup your home arcade as well as breakdown a handful of games. 

For the sake of simplicity we’re showing off a fairly basic virtual space in the video below; it should be noted that Custom Home Mapper allows you to map multiple rooms of your home to create complex free roam environments.

First up, you’re going to want to set your account to Developer Mode. This will allow you to deactivate your guardian system so you can move freely throughout your home. Upon logging into the app, you’ll use your Touch controllers to establish the corners of your home and create your virtual space. You’ll then use the same technique to identify any objects or furniture in your play space. Finally, you’ll set up your anchor point by setting your controllers down in a specific position. This allows you to save your newly created space so you can easily jump back in at a later time, so don’t forget where you left them.

With that out of the way you’re now ready to hop into some games.

First up is Custom home Creation. Less of a game and more of an interior design program, this app lets you create additional objects as well as retexture existing ones to create your own virtual home. After the games most recent update there are currently 100 prefab objects and 20 skybox environments to select from.

Next up is Vortex, a classic space ship shooter inspired by classic side-scrollers. Using your Touch controller to navigate your tiny craft, you’ll need to dodge incoming fire as you battle waves of enemy ships throughout your home.

Moving on we have Castle Defender, a simplistic archery-based game that tasks you with defending your castle from an onslaught of medieval soldiers. Using your handy dandy bow, you’ll need to mow down waves of enemies from atop your perch. Movement is essential as you relocate to different positions for a better angle.

Then there’s Lighspeed Smuggler, a sci-fi first person shooter that has protecting your craft from a fleet of enemy ships using a powerful laser blaster. Manage your ships engines and take cover in order to survive this intense FPS mini-game.

Up next is I Am Very Explosive. This unique mini-game straps two pieces of powerful explosives to your hands and tasks you with quickly moving from point A to point B. Take too long or bump into an object and your dynamite-filled mittens will trigger a deadly explosion, ending your game. As you complete each objective, a ghost version of your past self will occupy the same space, adding an additional challenge to the experience.

Next is Lunar Ball, a zero-gravity disc golf inspired experience that tasks you with tossing a colorful laser ball into various goals scattered throughout each room. As you progress you’ll find yourself facing additional obstructions, such as moving barriers. 

Finally there’s Snakemaster. A nearly identical 3D version of the classic game Snake, Snakemaster has you controlling a slow-moving snake around your environment in search of white pellets to consume. The more you eat, the larger your snake grows, forcing you to navigate an increasingly chaotic environment. 

Custom Home Mapper’s most recent update also introduces a simple mini-golf experience to the mix, though at the time of this recording the update was not yet available.

So there you have it! A rough, but ingenious free roam VR solution perfect for your apartment or home. While Custom Home Mapper still has much to improve on, what we’ve seen so far has us extremely excited for the future of at-home location-based VR. Custom home Mapper is available now on Oculus Quest and Quest 2 for $6.99.

Image Credit: VRScout

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