VR Creator Spotlight: Tyler Hurd’s Old Friend

Today we’re excited to announce a project we’ve been working on with Wevr – the Transport Creator Spotlight Series. Transport is a virtual reality network launched by Wevr earlier this year, dedicated to empowering those who make brave VR.

We’re kicking off the series with Old Friend, an animated VR music video by Tyler Hurd. Old Friend originally premiered for select audiences at the Kaleidoscope World Tour and Tribeca Film Festival, where audiences fell in love with Hurd’s troop of happy dancing humanoids.


This was was an idea that started on a subway when Hurd was listening to one of his favorite songs by Future Islands. He was so inspired that he started making a VR music video without any connection to the band.

Hurd met the guys at Wevr who loved what he had done with BUTTS. When they found out he was working on a music video, they wanted it on Transport. So they funded the completion of the project, helped him figure out licensing for the song, and will soon make make Old Friend available for all to see on Transport. All with an HTC Vive, that is.

If you do, have a Vive, make sure to download Transport and check it out when it goes live. There are very few things you can do that will provide more joy in less than three minutes.

A special thanks to our production partner, Trainrobber, for helping us bring Old Friend to life on a flat screen.

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