Tired of Hotdogs? Now You Can Create Your Own Snapchat Lens

This past week, Snapchat released a new tool called Create Your Own Lens, allowing you to create customized Snapchat Filters and Lenses using 150 different pre-built templates ranging from birthdays, weddings and business.

Back in December, Snap Inc. released Lens Studio – a free downloadable software designed to give pro and novice developers the power to create their own Snapchat Filter or Lens.

This new Create Your Own Lens isn’t just a fun tool for you to share photos or promote an event with friends and family. It’s also a business tool for Snap Inc. to generate revenue. According to the company, pricing for an official Filter or Lens template starts at $9.99 and goes up from there. However, some early users are reporting custom Filters and Lenses starting at just $2.99.

The pricing of each campaign is determined by the size and location of your geofence (Snapchat’s location analysis tool), and how long you want your campaign to run. For example, a Snapchat Filter campaign that covers one square mile for 3 days will cost a lot more to run in NYC’s Central Park, than suburban Ohio.

As a tool for marketers, custom Snapchat Filters and Lenses have a ton of potential. “We now have in our pockets the ability to create augmented reality that can be relevant to current events or tailor to audiences that are socially vocal allowing marketers to expand their reach with low cost, visual and creative experiences,” said Amber Osborne, Chief Marketing Officer for Doghead Simulations.

Though the pre-built templates in the Create Your Own Lens tool are geared towards announcements and events, it’s possibilities don’t end there. You’ll also have the ability to upload your own templates.

“Educators could easily create content such as portals that could take you to certain environments, times in history or places in the world,” Osborne said.

Henry Leenstra, a student studying marketing at Western Washington University and an avid Snapchat user talked with VRScout about what Create Your Own Lens could mean on a college environment where it’s a mixed bag of education, social events, religious gatherings and personal agendas.

“It’s a step in the right direction,” Leenstra said. “Snapchat understands the potential for an online community to emerge that will comfortably captures users life experiences. Community filters is a feature that could allow a voice to smaller parties such as local band scenes or religious institutions.”

Snapchat’s Create Your Own Lens is available right now via web browser or in the iOS Snapchat app under the settings menu. Coming soon to Android.

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