Create & Sell NFT Fashion For AR & The Metaverse

With up to 45,000 different combinations, you can create multiple lines of NFT fashion.

AR is changing the fashion industry in ways we could have never imagined thanks to tools like Len Studio that allow creators to combine cloth physics, refraction math, full-body tracking, and collision data to bring clothing to life in a digital form.

The Fabricant is looking to push the fashion world even further with the launch of Season One of The Fabricant Studio, a revolutionary platform that will let you co-create with a curated group of invite-only creators, designers, and brands to design and sell your own unique line of digital fashion NFT clothing that anyone can wear as they world hop throughout the metaverse.

Credit: The Fabricant

The program gives you access to hundreds of virtual garments to choose from, each created by professional fashion designers. As a creator, you have up to 45,000 different design combinations that can be used to create multiple lines of virtual NFT clothing that would hopefully catch on with fashion-conscious metaverse users all around the world. 

You could be the next Gucci, Nike, Prada, or even the next Marc Jacobs! Anything is possible.

Through the co-creation process, you can earn FBRC (fabric) tokens with all token holders being invited as co-creators to future Fabricant Studio sessions. This will earn you voting rights and decision-making powers as the platform develops and grows over time. 

Credit: The Fabricant

Not only will The Fabricant’s approach empower you to be a fashion designer and let you sell your creations, but by bringing the world of fashion into the metaverse through limited edition NFT garments and digital fabrics, you as well as other creators, designers, and brands are taking a pledge to be more sustainable, equitable, and inclusive in the fashion industry; something the fashion world takes very seriously

Season One of The Fabricant Studio has already been chosen and includes some incredibly well-known names and brands in the digital fashion world space. This is the first season of The Fabrication Studio with more seasons to follow.

Credit: The Fabricant
  • Darewise“Darewise is a team of experienced game developers who believe in the positive power of online video games to create meaningful, interactive, and social experiences. Based in Paris and distributed across Europe, we are a multicultural team reaching a global audience.
  • No More Mondays – “NMM creates bespoke concepts and artworks rooted in storytelling and purpose-driven design for prints, embroidery, as well as digital and physical spaces.” 
  • Krista Kim“Kim is a contemporary artist, creator of the Mars House and founder of the Techism Movement. She seeks to communicate a transcendent, meditative experience for the viewer in digital visual language.
  • Scarlett Yang – “Based in London, multidisciplinary designer Scarlett Yang focuses on the synthesis of tactile fashion art and novel digital innovations. She is a recipient of the LVMH Maison/0 Green Trail Award.”
Credit: The Fabricant
  • Viktoria Modesta“Viktoria Modesta is a bionic pop artist and creative director. Brought up in the subculture of London, now living in Los Angeles, Viktoria is known for her multi-disciplinary approach to future pop and performance art with a post-human edge.
  • Andy Rolfe“Andy Rolfe explores the dichotomy of identity and idealized fantasy.”
  • Electric Dreama“(Samantha Nutt) is driven by challenging traditional paradigms into a unique aesthetic realm.”
  •“ designs feature voluminous swathes of color and texture, creating vibrant fantasies that bridge avant-garde fashion and game environments.”
  • Miranda Marquez“Miranda Marquez explores nature and the interaction between levels of existence by combining new visual languages.”

Season One of The Fabricant Studio is available now through the website. Simply connect your crypto wallet to start creating your own NFT clothing line. 

A fashion-forward Sandbox avatar. / Credit: The Fabricant

This type of work is not new for The Fabricant, a decentralized digital fashion house focused on positioning itself at the intersection of fashion, gaming, and blockchain technology. The company has worked with brands such as Under Armor, Off-White, Napapijri, Puma, Peak Performance, and Adidas, amongst others, to demonstrate the vast creative possibilities within the digital fashion realm through NFT collectibles and digital clothing in a 3D digital fashion space. 

NFT fashion built using The Fabricant Studio is compatible with the popular metaverse platform The Sandbox as well as Darewise’s game Life Beyond. You can also wear digital garmets in AR using your smartphone.

Ready Player Me x New Balance. / Credit: Ready Player Me

When asked about future platforms, Michaela Larosse, Head of Creative Content and Strategy at The Fabricant said, “The garments will be available in both Sandbox and Darewise’s game Life Beyond. Darewise is also one of our creators in Season 1 dropping garments from Life Beyond to be customized by users of the Studio. Ready Player Me utility is something we are planning to be included in our upcoming seasons.”

For more information, you can join The Fabrication Studio Community on Discord.

Feature Image Credit: The Fabricant

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