Couch Live WebVR Hangout Lets You Watch TV With Others No Matter What Their Device

Stave off those quarantine blues with this easily accessible VR hangout experience.

Couch Live is a webVR app that is accessible from any device such as your smartphone or computer, but best experienced through a VR headset. 

Once you’ve entered your virtual living room – an incredible hangout space filled with art, matte black walls, and huge windows overlooking an amazing lake – you’ll take need to take a selfie in order to create your avatar. Snap a quick photo or choose your existing favorite and Couch Live does the rest. 

Though the experience is called Couch Live, it’s much more than just a virtual sitting experience. Users are able to explore a sizable VR home and even walk out to the outdoor area to get a better look at the lake and the stunning modern vista. 

There are two modes to choose from: Vivid Mode and a Void Mode. Vivid Mode offers a realistic immersive environment for devices with a lot of power, while Void Mode is a minimalist experience for less powerful devices.

You can invite friends to your room with a simple link, after which they can create their own avatar to interact with you. It’s a great way to spend time with friends or family that are far away and the best part is they don’t need to download or install anything. You can also screen share video content peer-to-peer on the massive Couch Live TV in your living room.

(Image Credit: Couch Live)

“I built it to spend more time with my family members that are scattered across the US. It was important to me that they could feel like they were in the room with me even if I’m in VR and they’re joining from an iPhone,” said Devin Bradley, the creator behind Couch Live in an email to VRScout.

Though Bradley built Couch Live to spend more time with his loved one, it really is an application that any of us can use to stay connected, especially given the ongoing quarantines as a result of COVID-19.

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to have an impact on education and work, we’re beginning to see its impact on social life as well. Restaurants, bars, and movie theaters are starting to see a decline in attendance. People are choosing to stay home to be on the safe side, while others are under strict quarantine and can’t leave their homes or neighborhoods. 

(Image Credit: Couch Live)

Couch Live could easily become a go-to option for socializing with friends and family without running any type of risk of being exposed to the virus.

Virtual hangouts aren’t new. AltspaceVR, RecRoom, VRChat are all VR you can jump into your headsets right now. What is unique about Couch Live is how simple it is to use, yet it offers all the benefits of social VR that those other worlds offer. Just hit the link and go. You will have to signup for a free account, however.

Feature Image Credit: Couch Live

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