Dreadhalls Creator Reveals New Procedurally-Generated VR Game Set Aboard A Dying Spaceship

Dead Space meets Event Horizon in this spooky-looking VR roguelike.

White Door Games, the developer behind 2017’s well-received VR survival horror Dreadhalls, today announced a follow-up game set aboard a dying spaceship filled with nightmarish alien creatures. 

Similar to Dreadhalls, the core Cosmophobia will feature procedurally-generated environments, meaning no two playthroughs will ever be the same; the positions of rooms, placement of times and hazards, and locations of environmental hazards are randomized each run. According to the developer, Cosmophobia is built around three primary activities: Exploring, Surviving, and Fighting. 

Thanks to the randomized room layouts and item locations, each playthrough offers a new opportunity to navigate a previously unexplored environment. Along the way, you’ll need to scavenge various items in order to survive. Using your motion controllers to open doors and drawers, you’ll need to collect basic resources, equipment to assist in handling hazards, and materials to craft weapons. 

Unlike Dreadhalls, Cosmophobia arms you with more than just an oil lamp. With the proper resources, you can eventually whip together a futuristic crossbow ala Dead Space. According to White Door Games, you’ll also be able to set traps for unsuspecting enemies. Your most effective means of survival, however, will be to conserve your ammo and simply avoid combat altogether by tossing random objects to distract hostiles. 

Based on the trailer provided, it’s clear the award-winning indie dev is taking heavy inspiration from some of the survival horror genre’s most iconic games and films, most noticeably EA’s Dead Space and Paramount Pictures’ Event Horizon.

No word yet on an official release date, though based on the polished gameplay featured in the trailer, we can most likely expect a mid-to-late 2020 release. Cosmophobia will be available on both SteamVR and Oculus.

Image Credit: White Door Games

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