Co-Op VR Shooter ‘Gambit!’ Is A Rock & Roll Inspired Adventure Set Before The Apocalypse

XReal Games’ 4-person cooperative action experience launches on PC VR headset 2021.

Hungary-based indie studio XReal Games, developer behind platinum-selling VR mil-sim Zero Caliber, this week announced a follow-up project Gambit!, a four-person cooperative action experience inspired by classic road movies and good-old-fashioned rock & roll currently in development alongside 2ndGig.

Set in a dangerous, pre-apocalyptic world on the brink of collapse, players step into the boots of an elite mercenary group who—after botching a major assignment—now find themselves in the bad graces of their “influential client.” Information regarding the story is sparse, though XReal describes the experience as a “road movies style adventure full of tracks, guns, and rock & roll.”

Broken up into three chapters, players can venture out solo or with a group as they traverse three large-scale maps littered with unlockable content. The game will also feature a multiplayer deathmatch mode for those more interested in PvP. According to the official press release, Gambit! will offer extensive replayability through player progression “with a strong emphasis on a diverse range of weapons and high-octane VR action.”

Gambit! launches on PC VR headsets in 2021; an official gameplay reveal is scheduled for this fall.

Image Credit: XReal Games

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