Cooperative Action/Horror Game ‘GTFO’ Now Available In VR

Team up with friends explore a nightmarish complex filled with horrifying creatures and valuable artifacts.

GTFO this week received native VR support thanks to a new mod by DSprtn. Available now via GitHub, the unofficial mod features support for 6DoF room-scale VR, motion controls, and 4-player co-operative play, allowing players to access the full GTFO experience from any SteamVR-compatible VR headset.

Originally released back in 2019 in Steam Early Access, GTFO is a first-person cooperative experience in which teams of four must work together to locate and extract valuable artifacts scattered throughout a massive underground complex swarming with horrifying creatures. Each player can choose from a variety of powerful weaponry and useful tools to assist them in their expeditions, though the real fun comes in the form of strategizing.

Survival depends heavily on communication and teamwork. Before each mission, you’ll have the opportunity to plan out your attack and equip yourself accordingly. Every detail in GTFO matters, from the weapons your team has equipped to the layout of each environment you explore. To keep things fresh, new missions are introduced on a regular basis, replacing older expeditions in the process.

GTFO is available now via Steam for $34.99. You can download the VR mod via GitHub.

Feature Image Credit: 10 Chambers

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