Conduct Your Own Virtual Orchestra In Maestro VR

Beat Saber meets Beethoven in this one-of-a-kind music experience.

Coming soon to PC VR and the Meta Quest 2, Maestro VR is a unique VR rhythm game that puts you in the shoes of a classically-trained conductor in charge of their own virtual orchestra. Unlike existing VR music games such as Beat Saber and Pistol Whip, Maestro VR features classical symphonies from legendary composers as opposed to high-energy electronic dance music.

The game features a catalog of instantly-recognizable music from great musicians such as Ludwig Van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Johann Sebastian Bach just to name a few. In addition to performing preexisting compositions, you’ll have the opportunity to create and perform your own original pieces with a customizable symphony orchestra in Creative Mode. As if that weren’t enough to get you excited, the game makes use of spatialized audio technology to further immerse you in your virtual performances.

Similar to existing VR music games, you’ll use your motion controllers to guide your ensemble members through each piece by hitting specific notes with your baton. The closer you stick to the beat, the better your ensemble will sound. As you progress through the game and improve your skills you’ll unlock additional batons which you can use to conduct your orchestra.

There’s even a spectator mode, allowing you to sit back and enjoy other players’ shows from the audience without having to leave your home (formal attire not included).

Beginning June 1st, those on PC VR headsets can try a free demo of Maestro VR for a limited time. The game will launch as Early Access via SteamVR in mid-2022 followed by the Meta Quest 2 at full launch. According to developer Symphonic Games, the Quest 2 version could have limited features compared to the PC VR release, including the Creative and Online Modes.

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