Collect Space Trash In VR Sci-Fi Game Space Salvage

Reduce, reuse, and recycle in SPACE…

There’s something about video games that task you with completing everyday jobs in deep space that excites me, whether it be mining asteroids for ore in Eve Online or trading valuable supplies in No Man’s Sky. Perhaps that explains my intrigue with Space Salvage, an upcoming VR game for Meta Quest and PC VR headsets.

In this out-of-this-world adventure game, you take on the role of deep space salvager tasked with collecting trash while navigating your Space Salvage Collection Pod through dangerous wreckage and massive asteroids. Based on the new mixed reality trailer, you’ll use your motion controllers to manage various aspects of your ship, from navigation to weapons.

Why do you need weapons you ask? Well, you’re not the only one out there in search of valuable loot. Hidden amongst the wreckage are a number of intergalactic threats, from explosive mines to various enemy factions like the Scavengers or Corperium. As you play, you can unlock over 30 upgrades for your spaceship, from additional storage to improved defenses.

Space Salvage is scheduled to launch on Meta Quest and PC VR headsets later this year. Those interested can try a demo of the game here. For more information check out the official developer blog. The latest June 2023 update addresses the game’s various factions and characters.

Feature Image Credit: Fruity Systems

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