Co-Op VR Shooter ‘Gazzlers’ Is Like ‘Mad Max’ But Adorable

Battle your way through the Pilgrimage of Steel to deliver Phile the Eternal Flame to the Final Station.

Are you a fan of chaos? If the answer is yes then you’ll definitely want to check out Gazzlers from Banzai Studios. This insane rogue-lite VR shooter will have you wielding an incredible arsenal of weapons in order to defend a Western-style steam locomotive against an endless wave of goofy, charismatic, and chaotic creatures known as “Gazzlers”. 

In this on-rails VR game, you and your crew board an armored locomotive and embark on a cross-country adventure through the desert-like wastelands of planet Ginkgo. Your primary goal is to deliver Phil the Eternal Flame to the Final Station in order to complete the Pilgrimage of Steel. Sounds simple, right? Wrong!

Along the way, gangs of adrenaline-fueled monsters referred to as Gazzlers will be waiting to ambush you at every turn. Using their Mad Max-like mechanical contraptions, these bite-sized road highwaymen will attack your train in an attempt to halt your progress. In order to defend yourself, you’ll need to craft unique weapons and collect special resources. In addition to battling Gazzlers, you’ll uncover the ancient mystery of Ginkgo by collecting artifacts left behind by the Apostles. 

Image Credit: Banzai Studios

Each run you take will feature randomized encounters, which means no two runs are ever alike. Gazzlers will chase you using a variety of outrageous vehicles, including monster trucks, hippie vans, bulldozers, tanks, party buses, even a Zamboni! If it has wheels, the Gazzlers will weaponize it. To complicate matters even further, each individual Gazzler will have its own unique method of derailing you! 

Don’t let the chaotic gameplay fool you; Gazzlers is more than a simple button-mashing VR wave-shooter. You’re going to have to think fast and develop effective strategies if you hope to outmaneuver these half-assed crazy clunkers. Each Gazzler attack needs to be treated like a complex puzzle. In order to survive, you’ll need to unlock components and special mods that can be combined together to create even more powerful weaponry. Creativity and strategy are a must.

Image Credit: Banzai Studios

Gazzlers can be played solo or cooperatively with up to three other players. Despite the 2022 release date, the game has already generated an impressive amount of buzz.

Gazzlers launches in Early Access on Steam in early 2022 with plans for Oculus and PlayStation releases in 2023. You can learn more about Banzai Studios and Gazzlers over on their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Feature Image Credit: Banzai Studios

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