Co-Op VR Game ‘Phasmophobia’ Launches Major Update

Additional ghost types and equipment breathe new life into the internet’s favorite cooperative ghost hunting game.

Originally released on SteamVR headsets in September of last year, Phasmophobia took the internet by storm with its unique blend of psychological horror and cooperative multiplayer, allowing groups of four to team up and investigate a variety of haunted locations using a wide range of ghost hunting equipment.

Available on PC and in VR, the unsettling cross-platform game offers multiple ways in which to detect ghostly activity, including EMF Readers,Night Vision Cameras, Spirit Boxes, and Thermometers. You can sit in the van and monitor the CCTV and motion sensors or muster up some courage and join the rest of your ghost removal team in exploring these spooky locations. You can even use your actual voice to interact with certain ghosts using classic Ouija Boards and your high-tech Spirit Box.

Available now as a free update to existing players, the games’ latest update, ‘Exposition,’ introduces a handful of significant updates to the game, including two new ghost types—The Goryo and Myling—and equipment—The DOTS Projector—just to name a few.

Here’s a full breakdown of the latest patch notes (as provided by Kinetic Games):


  • Added two ghost types; The Goryo and Myling.
  • Added new equipment to find a new evidence type: The DOTS Projector
  • Electronic equipment will now alert the ghost of your position during a hunt (similar to voice). Turn them off before hiding!
  • Hunts now affect all electronic equipment with new sounds and visuals
  • The parabolic microphone now allows you to hear “paranormal sounds” when aimed towards the ghost
  • You can now enable Head Bob in the settings
  • All equipment (minus Sound Sensor) has new visuals and effects
  • New post processing effects for players and CCTV


  • You can now Sprint for 3 seconds at increased speed with a 5 second recharge
  • Player walking speed has been increased to the old sprint speed
  • VR Teleporting: To replicate sprinting we’ve added an inner and outer UI circle to represent teleport range (walking/sprinting), these will adjust in size depending on how far the player has chosen to teleport
  • Increased the acceleration of ghosts during a hunt when they can see you
  • Lowered the ghost’s hunt delay before it moves, from 5 to 3 seconds
Image Credit: Kinetic Games


  • All ghost types have had their evidence changed to make room for the 2 new ghosts and DOTS projector
  • During a hunt, equipment and lights will only be affected when in range of the ghost
  • Random ghost footsteps can now only be heard with a Parabolic Microphone
  • Glowsticks glow for 30 seconds then fade over next 30 seconds
  • The spirit box text has been replaced with icons to show if the ghost is responding
  • Several sounds have been replaced
  • The Infrared Sensor functionality has been merged into the Motion Sensor
  • Lighting has been improved in most maps
  • The ‘placement helper object’ has new visuals
  • Volumetric lighting has been improved in all maps to reduce fogginess
  • When playing solo, you no longer have to use Push To Talk for the Spirit Box (if turned off in settings)
  • The Ghost will no longer be visible at the start of the hunt until it starts moving
  • Player hand skin colour will now change based on the character you’re playing as
  • The tutorial has been updated with the new evidence type and new visuals
  • VR: The journal will now always be held in the left hand
  • The Parabolic Microphone can now only be used when inside
  • Several visual adjustments
  • Several UI adjustments
Image Credit: Kinetic Games


  • “Show us” phrase no longer makes the ghost interact twice
  • Fixed a bug where you could mute the Spirit Box static by picking it up with a different object in your hand
  • Fixed a bug where ghost events would only lower host’s sanity
  • Fixed a bug where the ghost window knocks were not giving interaction evidence on most windows
  • Fixed a bug where you could get the ghost to interact with objects with voice recognition in quick succession
  • Fixed a common multiplayer crash for the host on Asylum in multiplayer
  • Fixed a bug where you could force the ghost to end the hunt using voice recognition
  • Fixed a bug where you could get the ghost to interact with objects when you were dead with voice recognition
  • Fixed a bug where you wouldn’t always get a small map on the map selection screen
  • Fixed a bug where the sensors couldn’t be placed in certain doorways
  • Fixed a bug where picking up sensors too quickly would keep them turned on in your hand.
  • Fixed occlusion culling issues on several levels
  • Fixed a bug where Danish and Finnish were in the wrong order in the language selection
  • Fixed a bug where certain ghost’s animations would only play if you are the host
  • Fixed a bug where equipment sounds were broken when being held by a female character

Phasmophobia is available now on PC and in VR for $13.99 via Steam.

Feature Image Credit: Kinetic Games

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