‘Clash Of Chefs VR’ Adds Hand Tracking On Oculus Quest

Get your hands dirty with this week’s exciting update.

The frantic food game Clash of Chefs VR just received a major update that lets you ditch your Oculus Touch controllers and cook delicious cartoon food with your own two hands.

This week’s update adds a whole new level of immersion to the game as you grab burgers to throw on the griddle, scoop up mozzarella to throw on a pizza, turn on the sink to boil ramen, and ladle salsa over some cheesy nachos. Hand tracking turns up the heat in the kitchen, allowing you to assemble complex dishes. Over the course of 80 fast-paced levels, you’ll cook food from all around the globe, including American, Italian, Japanese, and Mexican.

As you cook, you’ll use your hands to interact with a variety of objects complete with realistic physics. Squeeze the ketchup bottle and watch as the popular red condiment comes flying out. Pat down on the raw dough and the starting ingredient will begin to expand in size.

The game can be played solo or head-to-head against other chefs in fast-paced multiplayer cook-offs. Using hand-tracking technology you can wave hello to your opponents as you cook or throw out some overly-aggressive gestures depending on your mood.

Image Credit: Flat Hill Games

Created by Flat Hill Games, Clash of Chefs VR is designed to bring all of the excitement and intensity that you’d experience in a real kitchen to VR. Adding hand tracking support further improves this already-addicting experience. Even a well-trained Michelin Star chef would unravel under all this virtual pressure.

When hand tracking started rolling out for the Oculus Quest in 2019, the technology promised to change the way we interact in VR. At that time, it was more of a navigation tool perfect for simple interactions. 

Since then hand tracking technology has greatly improved for the Quest. The game Hand Physics Lab is one experience that showcases the technology by providing real physical interactions in VR using your hands. The experience is so impressive it recently walked away with an Auggie Award for Best Game or Toy at AWE. 

For a game like Clash of Chefs VR, the addition of hand-tracking technology makes sense. Cooking in real life is very much a hands-on experience and bringing in that realism to VR will only make the game more enjoyable.

Clash of Chefs VR is available for Oculus Quest, Quest 2, and Steam VR headsets for $19.99. The hand tracking update is available for Quest headsets as a free update. To keep up with the latest information on Clash of Chefs VR, you can follow the team on Facebook and Twitter, subscribe to their YouTube channel, join their Discord channel, or visit their website.

Feature Image Credit: Flat Hill Games

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