Cirque du Soleil’s DREAMS OF “O” VR Experience Comes to Gear VR

One of the most amazing theatrical performances ever conceived makes its way to virtual reality thanks to a collaboration with Felix & Paul Studios.

If you haven’t heard about Cirque du Soleil you’re either living under a rock or just adamantly hate jaw-dropping spectacles that can bring you to tears. The long-running circus/theatre/acrobatic hybrid show has become infamous for it’s incredible visuals and bizarrely entertaining performances, drawing massive crowds as it tours throughout the entire world. Well thanks to the amazing minds over at Felix & Paul Studios, best known for their impressive interactive entertainment pieces, one of Cirque du Soleil’s most fascinating water-based spectacles has just arrived on the Samsung Gear VR for your enjoyment.

Cirque du Soleil’s ‘O’ features some of the most talented aquatic performances you’ll ever see from synchronized swimmers and divers, to absolutely astounding live acrobatics. Now they are delivering that same dream-like adventure directly to your home via their newest virtual reality experience, Dreams of O. The 12 minute 360/3D experience, which debuted this past week at CES in Las Vegas, is the first to feature underwater and slow-motion shooting in virtual reality as users are lead through a surreal adventure featuring sweat-inducing dives, intense fire and mind-bending amphibious characters. Pretty much all the bizarre and confusing randomness you’d expect from the craziest circus on Earth.

cirque-du-soleil-dreams-o-gear-vr3“Cirque du Soleil’s ‘O’ is one of the world’s most innovative theatrical productions inspired by the infinity and elegance of water’s pure form and delivered by world-class acrobats, synchronized swimmers and divers,” said Sebastian Sylwan, Chief Technology Officer at Felix & Paul Studios. “To immerse viewers in the same ethereal, dreamlike mood in an original VR experience, we combined simultaneous underwater and slow-motion shooting—a feat that required us to significantly modify our proprietary camera technology, merging the two techniques to more poignantly evoke the artistry, surrealism and theatrical romance of ‘O’”.

Jerry Nadal, Senior VP of Cirque du Soleil’s Resident Shows Division also chimed in on the exciting project: “We’re proud to release DREAMS OF ‘O’ to celebrate the success of one of our most popular shows in Vegas. Our partnership with Felix & Paul Studios highlights Cirque’s leadership in pushing the boundaries of creating outstanding immersive experiences. Virtual reality allows us to explore state-of-the-art platforms to complement our live show experiences.”

cirque-du-soleil-dreams-o-gear-vrTo take the dive and experience this aquatic spectacle yourself, head to the Oculus Store now to check out the full VR experience. Don’t have a Gear VR headset? No worries, buddy! You can click this link HERE to try the less-immersive (but still impressive) 360 video version instead.

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