A Chocolate Coated VR Experience

What’s doper than; Beer, Whisky and VR?

Chocolate and VR!

Yes it’s true, Nestlé have finally bought us a sensory overloading chocolate VR experience – we couldn’t be more hyped (plus we may be foaming at the mouth whilst writing this, in fact hopefully by writing this article maybe we might get a years worth of chocolate? Hint hint the marketing team at Nestlé!).

Nestlé brand Cailler Chocolate, a Swiss brand founded in 1819, is taking the innovative approach of introducing the chocolate through pop-up retail store activations in airports and shopping malls featuring Samsung’s Gear VR headsets.


This year Nestlé is on a mission to bring fine chocolates to the US.

In 2015, Nestlé began selling Cailler chocolate beyond Switzerland as part of their movement into the super-premium chocolate market. One of Nestlé’s objectives is to give a sensory experience of the chocolates. Nestlé is doing this via sampling, ingredient education, and virtual reality. What better way to make an introduction after tasting the chocolates than to give everyone a tour of where and how the luxury treat is made through the power of VR.




The experience goes on tour in the US later this year. The content was by Jung Von Matt in Switzerland and edited for VR by Groove Jones.

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