Childish Gambino & Migos Get Animoji Treatment During Grammys

New iPhone X commercials show the power of Apple’s TrueDepth camera with some of this year’s hottest tunes.

I think many of us had the same lukewarm response to Apple’s reveal their “Animoji” feature for the iPhone X. The AR-powered experience, while cute, wasn’t exactly the game-changing application we were hoping for. It didn’t help that its world premiere was sandwiched between a slew of other underwhelming announcements.

Despite the initial reception, Apple’s commitment to the feature has remained constant. And this Sunday evening the world got a look at the true potential of Animoji technology in the form of two tripped-out music videos set to some of the biggest tracks of 2017.

The first commercial, set to the song “Redbone” by Childish Gambino, featured the karaoke talents of a sci-fi alien jamming out to the R&B hit as visuals similar to that of the songs original music video glow in the background. The short video starts simple enough, until a kaleidoscope of Animoji characters suddenly join in on the song as they spin hypnotically in the background. The commercial is especially fitting considering the track actually took home the award for Best Traditional R&B Performance during Sunday’s Grammy ceremony.

The second Animoji music video broadcasted featured the popular track “Stir Fry” by Migos. This video centers around the karaoke talents of the dog character with support from both the poop and fox emoji. This fits perfectly with a few of the track’s lyrics such as “dance with my dogs in the nighttime.” A cycling collection of intense animations, from classic video game levels to raging fires, play in the background as our animal stars do their best to put on their meanest gangster faces for the camera.

The result is a fantastic example of the immense fun that can be had with Apple’s seemingly simplistic little feature. Honestly the company is smart to band their application as a 21st century karaoke experience. Previous apps such as Dubsmash and Smule’s Sing have proven immensely popular in past, allowing users to quickly and easily sing and dub their favorite movies and music and share their creations with friends. Animoji’s interesting use of AR technology could bring in a whole new wave of social content. Not to mention the memes…

Suddenly have the itch to create your own Animoji music video? Before you get started, it should be noted that all the interesting backgrounds, animations and patterns you saw in the commercials above were not created on the iPhone X. These impressive visuals are the result of external editing and effects using professional software. Those looking to hit this level of production value will need to look into programs like Adobe Premiere and After Effects.

An additional four Animoji characters will be made available this Spring as part of the iPhone X 11.3 update.

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