Chicken Waffle Launches XR Creator Fund For Indie Devs

The Indie XR Creator Fund will provide smaller developers with the funds and support needed to bring their projects to life.

XR developers, Chicken Waffle have announced a new Indie XR Creator Fund intended to assist AR and VR creators by giving them the necessary resources and publishing support needed to launch XR games, experiences, and gamified NFT projects.

There are a lot of hard-working indie developers out there doing amazing work. Unfortunately, many lack the support and experience Chicken Waffle has gained throughout its years by launching successful titles such as Baby Hands and Shadow of Valhalla. Not only does the Indie XR Creator Fund provide funding for indie VR projects, but support from the experienced folks at Chicken Waffle. The team assists in everything from programming to art and design.

Chicken Waffle, who’s partnered with major names such as NASA, Red Bull, Magic Leap, Disney, Adult Swim, CES, AWE, and many others, recently launched a StartEngine investment campaign that lets you invest directly in the company. The company is currently listed with a valuation of $75.1M. 

Finn Staber, CEO and Founder of Chicken Waffle, talked with VRScout about the Indie XR Creator Fund, saying, “Some teams only need funding to reach their goals, but oftentimes could reach exponential success by partnering with a strong development pipeline.” Partnership agreements are determined by discussing the specific needs of each project. “Every project is a unique snowflake,” added Staber. The company is open to exploring a variety of options with developers. Sometimes, that might mean funding the production of a new AR or VR experience; other times it might mean stepping into an existing project and taking on some of the “heavy lifting.”

One important fact to keep in mind is that being part of Chicken Waffle’s Indie XR Creator Fund means you are entering into a partnership with the company. “We have looked to other amazing publishers in the industry to help shape our ethos and contractual guidelines,” explained Staber. “Devolver Digital has done a great job growing its portfolio of successful titles by allowing its indie partners to succeed on the backend after costs have been recouped. So, after a project launches, we will share a similar split revenue model to recoup publishing/development funds.”

“It’s important for indie developers to succeed if their game becomes successful, and that will be the foundation of every agreement we make.”

As for which platform to publish on, Staber would love it if you brought your project to Chicken Waffle’s XRSwim platform, but it’s not required. According to Staber, it was important that creators not be restricted to any one platform.

Image Credit: XR Swim

If you’re interested in joining the Indie XR Creator Fund, you can reach out to the company directly through the Chicken Waffle website or via @ChickenWaffleVR on every social media platform. The company thought this was the most honest way for developers to apply to the program. “We pride ourselves in always being honest and fair when working with partners and clients.”

If you’re interested in participating in their StartEngine investment campaign, early investors can take advantage of the “Friends & Family” state to receive an additional 15% bonus shares! 

The Indie XR Creator Fund has been in stealth mode since earlier this year. The company wanted to wait until its StartEngine campaign launched to make an official announcement. According to Staber, the team will be revealing more information about the fund next month with plans to launch an official website showcasing additional partnerships for the fund.

Feature Image Credit: Chicken Waffle

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