Chick-fil-A Serves Up Cowz in VR

The chicken chain’s cow mascots want you to ‘eat mor chikin in realitee’.

The self-preserving bovine who have been asking us to eat more chicken since 1995 have a new marketing tactic up their sleeve. The cows most known from billboards touting hand-painted signs to “Eat Mor Chikin” are now using virtual reality to get their message across.

Last week, Chick-fil-A began teasing their latest Cowz VR advertising campaign, which included teaser videos, a cryptic website, and the distribution of thousands of free Chick-fil-A-branded cardboard VR viewers. One teaser video titled “Delivery,” shows cows popping up in random situations to deliver VR headsets to people as they shower, brush their teeth, or just go about their normal day.

chick-fil-a-cowz-vr-adThen on Sunday during the Grammy Awards, Chick-fil-A ran two 30-second commercials and launched their CowzVR site, letting you finally watch the 360° video the cows have been teasing all week. Shot in collaboration with Framestore and Q Department, the 360° video plays off all the adrenaline-filled 360° videos we have grown accustom to but now with more moo. The 360° video takes you on a variety of adventures like sky-diving, scuba diving and auto racing, all as cows surprise you with their “Eat Mor Chikin” signs.

chick-fil-a-cowz-vrThis is the first time Chick-fil-A has bought time during the Grammys on a national level, after running local spots in the past. The two 30-second commercials during the Grammy Awards featured Starship’s 1980s hit “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now.”

The first spot (below) shows the cows distributing VR headsets to people and directs the audience to the site.

The second commercial (below) is a split-screen that gives a sense of what the site looks like and people’s reactions to it.

Last year we saw McDonald’s experiment with VR, testing cardboard VR viewers made out of Happy Meals boxes, as well as bring a HTC Vive powered art experience to SXSW attendees. This is the first-time we’ve seen Chick-fil-A dabble in VR.

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