‘Chess Club’ Brings The Classic Game To Life In VR On Quest

Odder Lab’s upcoming VR game features unique environments, animated set pieces, online multiplayer, and hand-tracking.

Available next month on Oculus Quest headsets, Chess Club is an upcoming VR game from Spain-based developer Odders Lab (OhShape) that aims to bring the 15-century board game to life using visibly eye-catching environments, animated set pieces, and a variety of other immersive elements designed specifically for VR headsets.

At launch, Chess Club will feature two unique environments in which to play. The first, Grand Palace, immerses you in a classical hall where you can engage in a variety of game types using standard Staunton chess pieces. The second, Stonehenge, drops you into a magical realm that looks like it was taken straight out of Skyrim.

Here, you’ll take control of fantastical set pieces complete with their own unique animations and sound effects that turn the barebones game board into a mythical battlefield.

Image Credit: Odders Lab

As previously mentioned, Chess Club will feature numerous time rules to enjoy, including Bullet, Blitz, Classical, Real-Time, and Async. In addition to AI opponents, you can engage in 1v1 multiplayer matches (both casual and ranked) where you can interact with one another using voice chat or by making rude (or supportive) gestures via your in-game avatars.

The game also tracks your moves as you play, allowing you to better analyze past games and identify your mistakes. For an additional layer of immersion, you can play the entire game using Oculus Quest hand-tracking, allowing you to physically interact with set pieces using your own two hands.

Image Credit: Odders Lab

Moving forward, Odders Lab plans on implementing additional environments and set pieces. There’s also Chess School, a series of upcoming lessons conducted by actual Chess Masters designed to improve your skills by offering helpful tips and tricks.

Chess Club is available for pre-order now and in Early Access on June 29th. The game officially launches on Oculus Quest headsets on July 7th for $14.99. Those who preorder can score 10% off for a limited time.

Feature Image Credit: Odders Lab

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