Check Out ValoArena’s Full-Body Mixed Reality Games

Punch rubber duckies and avoid scolding hot lava in unique mixed reality experiences.

ValoArena launches today at the IAAPA Expo trade show, and the new immersive mixed reality indoor arena from Valo Motion will absolutely blow your socks off with mind-bending physical gameplay that doesn’t require any additional hardware in order to play. 

With support for up to six players at one time, ValoArena features all the fun of playing with friends (or strangers) with a mixed reality twist. Players move physically throughout an open space while dodging virtual obstacles. Run to escape a crumbling floor, jump over obstacles, punch virtual rubber duckies, and even climb up on a friend’s back to score some points in a variety of mixed reality experiences powered by full-body tracking technology. 

Since ValoArena doesn’t require any wearables, you can jump straight into a game and start playing with others immediately. It’s a fully automated physical gaming attraction. 

In an official press release from ValoArena, Lasse Buschmann, CEO of Hi-Fly Trampoline Park where the unit was installed over the summer, said, “We always observe what is happening on the market, and we got ValoArena because it helps us to stay relevant and modern. Today’s kids play a lot on cell phones and screens, and at Hi-Fly, movement is important to us.”

“ValoArena is great because it combines movement with kids’ love of digital entertainment. It’s also a social activity, which makes it really fun for friends and families to do together. ValoArena adds value to our park and ticket prices because it’s easy to access, it has no wearables, and it saves staffing costs.”

How it works is actually pretty interesting. ValoArena’s revolutionary motion tracking software captures your movements and translates them into the game world, allowing you to interact with virtual objects in real-time. Screens located on both sides of the structure allow you to follow along with the action without the need for a dedicated VR or AR headset.

This means their very little lag between your physical movements and those represented on-screen. The software is also able to differentiate your movements from those of others, allowing you to play with up to five others at the same time.

Dr. Raine Kajastila, CEO of Valo Motion, is incredibly excited about how ValoArena will change the way people will interact with each other. When the company launched back in 2016, the goal was to take the idea of active entertainment and raise the bar as high as they could using XR and other forms of tech. 

“We wanted to learn together with owners of premier installations how ValoArena will be received by players. We have received highly positive feedback and several locations had over 4,000 players per week!” said Kajastila.

Park owners who received early access to the ValoArena units reported positive feedback by players, further building off of the success of their previous products, ValoClimb and ValoJump, which have totaled over 46 million active players in the past six years.

If you happen to be in attendance at the IAAPA Expo trade show (Sept 13-15 in London), Valo Motion would love to let you jump into the ValoArena to give it a try. You can find them at the Valo Motion booth or you can book a demo through this link

Image Credit: Valo Motion

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