Chance The Rapper Set To Perform Virtual Holiday Concert On Facebook’s ‘Venues’

The Grammy-winning artist’s Chi-Town Christmas spectacular will fill you with holiday cheer.

Grammy winning rapper, producer, actor, activist, philanthropist, and all-around-stellar dude, Chancellor Bennett—AKA Chance the Rapper—is teaming up with Supersphere for a special holiday-themed VR performance called “Chi-Town Christmas”. Premiering exclusively on Facebook’s Venues platform, this unique live performance will immerse you in a virtual homage to classic holiday-themed movies and TV shows that Chance loved as a youth while growing up in Chicago. 

Supersphere, the team behind VR music events for Major LazerBillie Eilish, Clutch, and various other public figures, will deliver a groundbreaking immersive magical holiday concert event that will have Chance moving all around you as he and his live band perform songs from the critically-acclaimed Merry Christmas Lil’ Mama: The Gift That Keeps on Giving, an album that he co-wrote with rapper Jeremih.

No word on if Jeremih will be joining Chance in VR during “Chi-Town Christmas”, but fingers crossed!

As an independent artist, Chance has managed to build a massive fan base without the support for and established label. As a result, the one-of-a-kind performer has been able to pursue unique and innovative ways of interacting with his fans. This upcoming VR performance only further highlights his willingness to experiment with new technology.

“This opportunity to help artists bring their work to a new medium is what we love to do,”  said Supersphere’s Lucas Wilson. “Chance is incredibly committed to his fans and we’re excited to provide the technology to help him once again break new ground.” 

Those who’ve never experienced a concert or event in VR are missing out on some truly incredible live entertainment. Immersive technology offers you the chance to stand front row at your favorite shows and events without being crushed by the people behind you. Some shows even allow you the ability to teleport throughout the virtual venue and join performers on stage. You are in full control of your virtual experience, almost as if you’re the director.

With much of the live music industry at a complete standstill as a result of COVID-19, there are growing opportunities for artists within the VR sector. Immersive technology offer artists not only the chance to connect with fans remotely while still providing captivating audio-visual experiences, but the ability to enhance their performances in ways that would be impossible to recreate in a real-world setting as well.

Just recently Travis Scott banked $20 million with his unique Fortnite event, meanwhile BTS sold a whopping 993,000 tickets for a virtual concert, with ticket prices ranging between $45 to $55. Do the math people!

Even after the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided, artists will continue to use VR as a way to connect with larger audiences. With companies like Supersphere and WaveXR already producing high-end VR concerts on a regular basis, it’s very possible that these platforms could become the next record label.

Whether you’re a Chance the Rapper fan, music fan, VR fan, Christmas fan, or just a lover of memorable live entertainment, you’ll definitely want to check out “Chi-Town Christmas” Friday, December 18th at 6pm PST via Facebook’s Venues. Don’t worry if you miss the premier, there will be encore performances throughout the month.

Image Credit: Oculus

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