CES 2020: VRgineers Military-Grade VR Headset Already In Use By US Air Force

The professional headset boasts an 8K resolution, built-in VirtualLink, and an AR add-on module.

Professional-grade VR manufacturer VRgineers this week unveiled the latest and greatest version of the XTAL, a “professional” VR headset boasting a plethora of distinctive features that have already made it a popular option among several high-profile organizations, including the US Department of Defense. 

Designed specifically with the needs of various professional industries in mind, such as engineering, medicine, design, and aviation, the latest iteration of the XTAL features an incredible 8K resolution via two high-density LCD displays, as well as a generous 180-degree field of view. As a result, the XTAL requires a considerable amount of power to run; VRgineers states that the headset has been optimized for the most powerful GPU’s, such as NVIDIA’s Quadro RTX 8000. 

Image Credit: VRgineers

Beyond its crystal clear visuals, the XTAL also houses a wide selection of additional technologies designed to assist a variety of use-case scenarios. This includes professional-grade eye-tracking running up to 210 frames per second, Leap Motion hand-tracking, a built-in VirtualLink cable system, a helmet-compatible mount, as well as an augmented reality add-on module for mixed reality experiences. 

“Our customers are using the latest cutting edge technologies, so they expect the best from their VR solutions,” said Marek Polčák, VRgineers CEO & co-founder. “That means solutions optimized for the latest NVIDIA RTX cards with VirtualLink embedded. The latest generation of XTAL VR headset is the only solution today that meets these needs with 8K resolution.”

Image Credit: VRgineers

VRgineers states that the XTAL is already in use by numerous organizations for a variety of purposes, including military training. The headset is currently being employed by several US Air Force airbases as part of its pilot training program; the latest version of the XTAL is already scheduled for implementation at Vance Airforce Base in Oklahoma. In addition, the team states that they have also joined US NAVY and US NAVAIR R&D initiatives in order to help develop the next generation of VR-based pilot training. 

“The feeling that I got while flying the F18A in full VR mode in XTAL is really astonishing. It was so close to reality that I felt I was inside the F18A. As a pilot, that is exactly what I need to feel for training purposes,” said Capt. Taimeir, CEO of Mirage Technologies and a former F18 pilot from the Swiss Airforce.

Image Credit: VRgineers

If you’re currently roaming the CES show floor, stop by and check out the device for yourself in South Hall at booth #21959 between now and January 10th.

Feature Image Credit: VRgineers

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