CES 2020: Launch Native Android Apps In AR Using Nreal Light Glasses

Nreal unveils the first 3D system supporting all native Android apps.

CES 2020 is here and Nreal, the company working to bring a sense of style of AR headsets, is kicking it off the annual tech conference with a big announcement that will change how you view AR experiences as an everyday interface for work and for play.

Nebula is the first-ever system that will take your Android smartphone apps and transform them into 3D mixed reality experiences via a pair of tethered Nreal Light glasses.

Nreal is confident that their system will change how you view AR experiences as an everyday interface for work, entertainment, and connecting with others.

The moment you boot up your Nreal Light glasses, Nebula will automatically transport your native Android apps from your phone to your AR glasses. This gives you the best of both worlds, allowing you to use 2D Android apps on your phone using normal finger swipes and other basic gestures as well as interact with 3D AR content all within an MR environment.

Nreal states that it’s focusing on four critical aspects with Nebula: 

Content Persistence – Nreal glasses paired with the Nebula system takes the real world and reconstructs it digitally. Digital content and AR objects are placed firmly in or on top of both the physical and digital 3D space, without drifting or disappearing across multiple sessions. This gives you the perception that digital objects are actually part of the real-world environment.

Image Credit: Nreal

Infinite Workspace – Reaching beyond the capabilities of a traditional 2D cell phone screen, Nebula reconstructs the environment around you into a user interface. This opens the doors to manipulating your ‘workspace’ to fit multiple apps at once, and screens of your preferential size that can be fit into or fixed onto anywhere within your field of view. This approach would make the workflow more efficient by making multitasking simpler.

Real-Time Sharing Experience – You and your team can synchronize the same MR environment where they can view and interact with the same content in real-time, as long as everyone is wearing Nreal Lights. This means you and your friends can be immersed in the same co-op or PvP games or collaborate in shared MR environments.

Image Credit: Nreal

Tailored User Input – Nreal offers you the direct ability to control your MR 3DOF experiences by transforming Nreal Light tethered 5G smartphones into a controller. You can also use Finch’s 6-DoF controller and Black Shark’s gaming kit for more robust and in-depth interactions.

Of course, all this exciting technology means very little without the right partnerships and content.

Nreal has already lined up valuable partnerships with companies such as Japanese AR developer MESON, fashion brand JOSEPH, and mobile gaming hardware manufacturer Black Shark, as well as various 5G carriers like KDDI, LGUplus, China Mobile, and China Unicom.

Image Credit: Nreal

Additionally, thanks to a new partnership with Nreal and 7invensun, your Nreal Light glasses will soon be able to integrate eye-tracking technology.

In an official press release, Chi Xu, CEO and Founder at Nreal, said, “With the support of the world’s leading partners and brands, Nreal is showing that Mixed Reality and 5G technology is quickly coming to consumers worldwide,” adding, “Following the launch for the pre-orders of the Nreal Light Developer Kit, we’re excited for what our partners and developers can offer Nreal Light users.”

Image Credit: Nreal

If you happen to be at CES and want to know more about Nebula, make your way over to booth #20930 at the LVCC South Hall 1 in the AR/VR & Gaming section. 

Nreal Light Developer Kits pre-orders are available now starting at $1,199, with devices already shipping to early supporters. The consumer version of Nreal Light will be priced at $499 and available in early 2020.

Feature Image Credit: Nreal

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