Cast of Stranger Things Freak Out in New VR Experience

Netflix’s latest hit show Stranger Things has been brought to life in virtual reality.

The eight part series that blends 80’s nostalgia with creepy thrills is giving the cast a terrifying adventure of their own — in VR.

The Stranger Things cast took a break from promoting the show to try a new VR experience that puts you in the place of Winona Ryder’s characters as she patiently waits in her home to communicate with her missing son.


The young cast was gathered in a hotel ballroom where they took turns donning an Oculus Rift headset fitted with motion-capture sensors. Even a flashlight and telephone were outfitted with markers that brought the real-life objects into the virtual world.

With flashlight in hand, will you pick up that phone?


Although its not clear if this room-scale VR version will ever become publicly available to try, it appears the cast is experiencing a version of the 360-degree video below. One thing’s for sure — the cast doesn’t seem to be amused — even badass Eleven.


A 360-degree VR video Netflix uploaded gives you a taste of the room-scale experience the cast was immersed in. You can watch the video below on your desktop, smartphone or even pop it into a Google Cardboard enabled headset.

Image Credit: Netflix

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