Casey Neistat Vlogs The Oscars with Gear 360 Camera

Popular daily vlogger Casey Neistat, who commands over 2 million subscribers on YouTube, was invited to hit the Oscar red carpet by Samsung with their latest Gear 360 camera in hand.

The Samsung Gear 360 camera is the latest 360° camera unveiled at Mobile World Congress that sports a close to 4K resolution video capture (3,840×1,920 pixels) with two f/2.0 fisheye lenses covering a 195-degree angle of view each. The video is all stitched together using a Samsung Galaxy S7 and lets you supposedly create 360° video with ease.


The final video shared by Neistat of his Oscar journey is pretty impressive, considering the event was only Sunday night, and shows us what a 360° video shot with Neistat’s unique talk into the camera vlogging like style looks like in 360°video.


On Friday, Neistat teased us all with a tweet showing the special delivery briefcase Samsung sent in advance of the Oscars, which includes a Gear VR headset, Samsung Galaxy S7 phone, and the Gear 360 video camera. Neistat also recorded video opening the sweet looking briefcase prior to the event as well.

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