‘Captain Toonhead’ Might Be The Most Over-The-Top VR Game Ever

Battle flying cats, massive dinosaurs, and blood-thirsty chickens in this one-of-a-kind VR tower defense game.

Coming soon to the Oculus Quest—or should I say Meta Quest—Captain ToonHead vs. the Punks From Outer Space is a VR tower defense game from developer Teravision Games that’s as outrageous as it is brilliant. Whether it be the action-packed gameplay, zany characters, or comically over-complicated plot, Captain ToonHead is truly one of the most ridiculous games we’ve played in VR.

In this over-the-top VR experience, players take on the role of Captain ToonHead, a janitor-turned-intergalactic hero, as he attempts to save a race of sentient energy cubes from a nefarious villain bent on world domination. The game features an equal combination of first-person shooting and strategic tower defense gameplay, offering non-stop action. When you’re not building turrets and upgrading your weaponry, you’ll be on the front lines blasting away at oncoming enemies using your hand-crafted pistols.

Those familiar with the tower defense genre will feel right at home in Captain ToonHead. Using your incredible janitor skills, you’ll craft a variety of automated weaponry and other useful defenses in an effort to protect your newfound friends from invading cyberpunks. This includes everything from powerful machine gun turrets and freeze rays to”pigñata” bombs and chancla launchers. As you defeat enemies you’ll collect spare parts which can be traded in for new weapons and defenses.

Image Credit: Teravision Games

As you rack up XP you can upgrade your existing defenses to increase their efficiency. This will be crucial to your success as each arena features its own unique challenges to overcome, whether it be an extra lane or a sticky surface designed to trap Enercubes. You’ll need to evaluate each level individually and establish an effective strategy. The result is an addicting VR experience unlike anything available on headsets at the moment. Think of it like a Saturday morning cartoon brought to life.

“Putting the game our team has been working on for almost 3 years in the hands of players for the first time at an event like PAX is a very scary thing,” said Enrique Fuentes, CEO of Teravision Games, in an official release. “Fortunately, after hundreds of players tried the game, we can say they had tons of fun and really connected with all the nonsensical craziness we have created.”

We’ve spent a healthy amount of time and have learned quite a bit about this surprisingly-complex experience. Before you jump into the action, check out a few tricks we’ve picked up over the past few days:

Image Credit: Teravision Games
  • Let your turrets do the heavy lifting – Your pistols feature a cooldown timer; fire too much too often and they’ll overheat. Instead of blasting enemies until their health bar reaches zero, chip away at their health and let your offensive weaponry mop up the leftovers. You’ll earn the same amount of scraps while, simultaneously, conserving your weapons for bigger and badder enemies. Just be sure whatever weaponry you employ has enough firepower to finish the job; you don’t want any severely injured enemies sneaking past your defenses.
  • Pick up your scraps as soon as possible – Every enemy you defeat will drop spare scraps you can use to build new weapons and defenses. Don’t wait until the end of each round to begin collecting your spoils. Over a certain period of time, dropped scraps will dissapear from the battlefield. Take time to round-up loose scraps before they’re lost forever. Remember, more scraps means more defenses means easier rounds.
  • Combine your defenses for maximum efficiency – Captain ToonHead features a wide range of weaponry and defenses to utilize. Where you choose to place each turret can have a major impact on your game. To get the most out of your defenses, try pairing different turrets together on the battlefield. The machine gun turret is effective on its own but devastating when paired with the freeze ray. Experiment with different combinations to discover the most effective layout for each level.
Image Credit: Teravision Games

Whether you’re a fan of tower defense games, Saturday morning cartoons, or quality VR shooters in general,Captain ToonHead vs the Punks From Outer Space is an absolute must-play. The gunplay, while simple, feels incredibly satisfying. The game also introduces several original concepts I’ve yet to see in a tower defense game.

For instance, after you’ve racked up enough XP, you can hold your Touch controllers over your head to activate manual turret mode, allowing you full control of your stationary weaponry. In addition to gameplay, I’m impressed by the game’s level of detail. Captain ToonHead is oozing with charm, from the wacky enemy types to our hopelessly optimistic protagonist. The developer’s event went out of its way to create a handful of fake cartoons visible in the main menu.

Captain ToonHead vs the Punks From Outer Space will be available on November 11th on Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, and SteamVR headsets.

For more information on the game visit here.

Feature Image Credit: Teravision Games

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