Watch Captain Marvel Take On Jimmy Fallon In Beat Saber

VR returns to late-night in a brand-new musical segment.

Ever wonder how Captain Marvel would do in VR? Me neither, but last night we got our answer when Brie Larson stopped by The Tonight Show for a few rounds of Beat Saber with Jimmy Fallon.

The pair took turns inside an HTC Vive headset as they frantically sliced their way through two of the titles original tracks. While Fallon found himself struggling to keep up with the fast pace of the song “$100 Bills,” Larson, on the other hand, appeared to have a solid grasp on the experience.

Naturally, she struggled her way through difficult portions of the song, but overall it was a fairly impressive performance of “Escape” by a new user. Perhaps all that training for her epic showdown with Thanos in Avengers: End Game may have had an effect on her reflexes.

While this is the first time Beat Saber has been played live on late-night, it’s not the first time VR has been featured on the show. Back in 2016, they introduced “Virtual Reality Pictionary,” a segment that had celebrities duking it out in modern take of the classic game using Google’s Tilt Brush application. Since then, multiple guests have participated in the segment, from John Boyega and Bella Thorne, to Kate McKinnon and Patton Oswalt.

It’s clear that NBC sees some form of live entertainment value in VR technology, which begs the question: what other VR experience could we potentially see in future segments? Beat Saber and Tilt Brush are obvious choices, but what about experiences such as Rec Room or Space Pirate Trainer?

While not exactly the most recent titles, both games have proven extremely entertaining for spectators—especially if it’s shot in mixed reality—providing interesting, yet easy-to-understand concepts that lack any serious learning curves.

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