Capcom Reveals VR Mega Man Game, Available Exclusively In Japan

Strap into Dr. Light’s VR headset and stop Dr. Wily from hacking the virtual world in this arcade-style experience.

Another day, another incredible Japanese exclusive. This week Capcom revealed Rockman VR: Aimed At The Virtual World, a brand new VR Mega Man game heading exclusively to the Prasaca Capcom Ikebukuro store in Kew Plaza Ikebukuro, an entertainment plaza located in Tokyo, Japan.

Available July 18th, the single-player adventure will have players taking on the role of Mega Man himself as they attempt to prevent the nefarious Dr. Wily from conquering the virtual world. Using Dr. Light’s custom VR headset, visitors will experience the action from a first-person perspective, using their hands to control Meg Man’s powerful canon and defeat Dr. Wily.

According to the official release, the arcade-style immersive experience is the first designed specifically for the Mega Man series. Rockman VR: Aimed At The Virtual World will be open to the public beginning July 18th with demos running from 10AM JST to 9:45PM JST. You can find additional information here.

This marks yet another juicy exclusive for Japan, following on the heels of unique releases such as Mario Kart GP VR, a Godzilla HoloLens experience, pvp Ghost in the Shell, and a Resident Evil 7 VR prequel just to name a few.

Image Credit: Capcom

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