Calculus Is Way More Fun With An HTC Vive & Tilt Brush

It looks like virtual reality can make anything entertaining.

I should start by making my hatred for any form of math perfectly clear. I hate it. Just thinking about the amount of late nights I spent struggling through ridiculous equations is giving me a small panic attack. So when I tell you I couldn’t look away watching John McGregor work through complex calculus using Tilt Brush for the HTC Vive, you know it must be something special. Trust me, it is.

In a live stream broadcasted via his personal YouTube channel, John Sterling McGregor, John and friends solved their way through an impressive array of intricate calculus equations by writing out the problems using the popular virtual reality art application Tilt Brush for the HTC Vive. Utilizing a wide array of Tilt Brushes gorgeous brushes, John draws his equations in glowing neon lights and colorful lasers, surrounding himself in a spectacular room full of extremely detailed calculations. Using the HTC Vive’s room-scale technology he’s able to walk list his problems vertically, opening up a whole new method of organization. He even imports several external images for reference as he works.


calculus-htc-vive-tilt-brushThe educational benefits from studying not only math, but history, science and literature are obvious. The increased level of immersion and use of visually-appealing graphics could capture the attentions of the hundreds of thousands of previously disinterested students. Tilt Brushes enticing brushes and customizable backgrounds could create custom experiences designed around the individual interests of struggling kids or special needs students. There’s also endless uses for those in higher education, serving as an effective tool for people just like the people in this video.

Having seen Tilt Brush used for everything from marriage proposals to creating music videos, this app continues to blow away expectations on what it’s capable of.

Update: A previous version has been corrected that referred to Dear Angelica as a Tilt Brush project.

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