Burger King & Rovio Partner On AR Angry Birds Game

Scan select Burger King items to access an interactive WebAR experience based on the immensely popular children’s franchise.

Rovio Entertainment, the developer behind the hit mobile game series Angry Birds, today revealed a new partnership with Burger King to deliver a brand new augmented reality experience based on the legendary franchise.

You can access the interactive mini-game experience by scanning a custom QR code located on various Burger King items, from plush toys and packing to the signage located inside select Burger King locations. This unlocks a WebAR experience accessible directly through your smartphones mobile browser; no additional downloads or third-party app required.

Image Credit: Zappar

“We’re thrilled to partner with Zappar and Burger King® to create this unique AR experience for Angry Birds fans,” said Katri Chacona, Director, Brand Licensing at Rovio Entertainment, in an official release. “The accessibility of WebAR and wide availability across thousands of Burger King® restaurants make this an incredible opportunity to connect with consumers in new ways.” 

Powered via Zappar’s WebAR technology, this interactive WebAR experience has you defending three 3D eggs from an endless wave of adorable—yet insistent—Hatchlings determined to sneak away with your unborn birdlings. Thankfully, you can tap on these annoying Hatchlings to shoo them away from your eggs. You can also slow down their movements by launching green slime throughout your environment using the tried-and-true slingshot.

Defend your nest from enough Hatchlings, and you’ll unlock a special power-up in which WebAR experience automatically switches from the front-facing camera to your selfie cam, allowing you to physically blow away these pesky baby birds and return your eggs to safety. Naturally, you’re able to capture photos of your experience to share with friends and families via social media.

Image Credit: Zappar

WebXR technology has exploded over the past couple of years, allowing companies the ability to share engaging branded content directly to customers without the hassle of third-party app downloads. Just recently, EDM megastar Porter Robinson hosted his own VR music festival, Secret Sky, powered by WebVR technology. This allowed both VR players as well as standard mobile users the chance to meet up in a custom virtual space to enjoy live music from a generous assortment of electronic artists; no app download required.

Rovio and Burger King’s WebAR Angry Birds experience can be accessed now by scanning QR codes on select Burger King items.

Feature Image Credit: Zappar

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