Build Your Own Modular Synthesizer In VR With ‘SynthVR’

Start constructing your own complex music station today with the free open alpha.

Anyone familiar with the ins-and-outs of music production will tell you there’s no easier way to go broke than to invest in modular synthesizers. Composed of multiple modules connected by patch cords, matrix patching systems, and various switches, these complex devices are capable of generating some truly incredible sounds, albeit for a price.

Indie developer 42tones understands that even entry-level synthesizers can cost an arm and a leg, not to mention a considerable amount of floor space. This is where SynthVR comes in.

Available now in open alpha, this one-of-a-kind patching experience offers you the chance to go hands-on with a variety of complex modular synthesizers, saving you thousands in hardware purchases. Using your motion controllers you can turn knobs, flip switches, adjust faders, tune oscillators, and experiment with other equipment with your own two hands, offering a more engaging experience than existing 2D simulators. You’re also free to organize your space for maximum efficiency; stack modules into racks, or just leave them floating besides you within your virtual space.

“I have personally wanted a performance-oriented modular for VR ever since working with some early VR hardware in 2016. Come 2020 and it still didn’t exist, so I decided to make it happen,” said Daniel Rothmann, developer at 42tones, in an official release.

“Chatting with the SynthVR users has been incredible. Their immediate, honest feedback has been invaluable and it has had a measurable impact on many features of the app. We also have fun on the server, sharing our jams and patching tips.”

To get started on your music-making career, head over to download the SynthVR APK. You can then sideload the app to your Oculus Quest headset via SideQuest. There’s also a PC VR release as well. SynthVR is very much a work-in-progress, so feel free to leave any thoughts and suggestions over on Discord.

Image Credit: 42tones

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