Build Your Own VR Metropolis In ‘Little Cities’ On Oculus Quest

The bigger your city, the more residents you’ll attract! Just be on the lookout for any catastrophic emergencies.

Little Cities is a cozy VR world-building game from nDreams that allows you to create intricate cities from the ground up on an island, which is basically a blank slate. If you’re successful your city and the population will burst with life and turn into a thriving metropolis, but all of that growth also brings new problems!

Developed by husband-and-wife indie team Purple Yonder, Little Cities looks similar to EA’s classic city-building and management game SimCity. Your primary responsibilities include everything from creating roads networks and maintaining residential neighborhoods to developing various districts for residents to eat, shop, and work.

The secret to creating a lively city is making sure your residents are happy. Access to power, water, and network connectivity will be crucial in this regard. Just make sure you have enough money in your budget for fire and police services, schools, and hospitals. Oh, and don’t forget the unique amenities that make any city interesting and cool!

As your city grows and attracts new citizens, you’ll encounter additional challenges, such as overpopulation, wildfires, traffic issues, even pollution. Fixing these issues will be easier said than done, however, as you’ll need to work within your budget. As your city grows, so to will your available funds.

You’ll need to be strategic as well as creative in order to attract new residents. If you can’t find that perfect balance, the population of your city will dwindle as people pack up their bags and relocate to a location with better opportunities. Thankfully, Little Cities features a variety of unique tools that make building your city unfussy and fun.

Image Credit: nDreams

Little Cities offers a variety of islands to build on, eachpresenting its own unique challenges. Some islands are bigger than others, offering more space to develop but more restricted access to freshwater, for example. Once you’ve finished with one city, you can move on to the next island and start developing there. You can even connect your islands through a bridge system, allowing your residents to travel throughout each island.

As your city grows, so too do the gentle sounds of life within your miniature metropolis. There’s also a lovely soundtrack that plays lightly in the background as you build, delivering a sense of tranquility to the adorable city-building experience. 

Image Credit: nDreams

Little Cities can be played sitting down or standing. You can view your city from above via a god-like perspective or zoom in close for an incredible street-level view. Little Cities will arrive on Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 headsets in Spring 2022.

Little Cities was developed by UK indie studio, Purple Yonder. It is the first game to be published by nDreams as part of its recently-established third-party publishing arm. Follow nDreams on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram for any updates on Little Cities.

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