Highly-Anticipated VR Stealth Game ‘Budget Cuts’ Arrives This Week

One of VR’s most anticipated titles finally arrives on headsets this Thursday.

*UPDATE* (5/31/18): Due to unforeseen complications, Neat Corporation has delayed Budget Cuts until further notice.

Since it’s initial tease all the way back in 2015, Budget Cuts has remained an elusive dream for a majority of the VR gamers who have tasted a sample of the promising action stealth game via a short demo. I myself have spent countless nights staring out my window into the night sky, wondering when I’d finally be able to get my hands on the full experience.

Then, after years of radio silence by developer Neat Corporation, the tight-lipped team unveiled a demo at GDC 2018 and, more importantly, a release date of May 16th, 2018. Then, tragedy struck as the game was delayed another two weeks due to “unforeseen obstacles in the development.”

Finally, after a grueling wait the day of reckoning is finally arriving as Budget Cuts makes its way to the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift this Thursday, May 31st.

Budget Cuts steps you into the shoes of an average employee-bot of mega conglomerate TransCorp, where you’re tasked with the crucial work of stamping papers and filing files. Unlucky for you however, Transcorp is infamous for its ability to pump out cost-effective robots, and as you watch as one of your fellow mechanical coworkers is banished to the horrifying HR department, you begin to realize you’ll soon be sharing the same fate. That’s when a mysterious package arrives, and you’re action-packed ninja mission through a corporate hell hole begins.

Budget Cuts is centered around stealth-based combat, having you sneak your way around enemies using an assortment of deadly weapons, and office supplies, to take down your battery-powered pursuers. The ambitious title features a full-fledged single player campaign including some top-tier voice acting.

However its the use of room-scale technology that is sure to impress you the most. You’ll find yourself constantly moving around your play space as you peak around walls, duck behind cover, dodge incoming fire, even climbing on your hands and knees to look through holes in the floor (It’s more exciting than it sounds).

Budget Cuts will be available for $30 on Steam as well as the Oculus Store when its page goes live May 31st.

Image Credit: Neat Corporation

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