Bring Your VR Avatar Into The Real World Using AR Tech

Geenee AR’s unique software uses full-body tracking to let you wear NFT clothing and accessories.

Geenee AR has partnered with Ready Player Me to help bring your digital identity to the real world. Similar to many of the AR filters you might find on Snapchat or Instagram, the experience uses full-body tracking to layer a virtual avatar, along with accessories such as NFTs, virtual clothing, and other features, over your real-world body in real-time.

The best part is no coding is required. You simply drag and drop your Ready Player Me avatar directly into Geenee’s WebAR Builder platform and the software does all the work for you. You’re then free to create fun photos and videos of yourself “wearing” your digital counterpart.

In an official statement, Cory Grenier, CEO of Geenee AR said, “No other avatar platform has built a scalable, interoperable metaverse-ready product like Ready Player Me, so it was a natural synergy to partner. Geenee is excited to bridge AR and blockchain as we co-develop a Web3(d) future together with Ready Player Me where art and artificial intelligence combine to deliver meaningful products without precedent.”

With brands and industries all making the shift to the metaverse, “digital twinning,” as it’s referred to by some, is becoming just as important for individuals. We are seeing a strong desire among consumers for more realistic avatars with a focus on cultural representation.

During a session titled Jumping beyond the Metaverse. Relations between technology and humans as social animals at the Immersive Global Summit Metaverse 2.0 Conference in March, panelists agreed that avatar technology, while impressive, needs to be more inclusive in order for the metaverse to grow, with one panelist saying, “The more inclusive it is, the easier for people to relate with each other, work together, and being together.”

This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your avatar. There’s still a lot of charm in adopting a goofy digital persona, like a stick of butter or an ant wearing a top hat. But there are times when you might want to represent yourself in a more professional or intimate situation, such as a virtual job interview or work event.

As of right now, Ready Player Me has positioned itself as a keystone in digital representation thanks to its simple approach. All you have to do is snap a selfie to create your digital twin. These VR avatars are compatible with over 1,800 games and metaverse platforms such as VRChat, LIV, Mozilla Hubs, and Somnium Space just to name a few. 

Just recently, HBO released a documentary on Tony Hawk called Until the Wheels Fall Off. To celebrate the film along with the new partnership between Geenee AR and Ready Player Me, the two companies came together to launch an AR version of the classic Tony Hawk Pro Skater game that features an avatar of Tony himself hitting tailslides and grinds. You can launch the Tony Hawk game using the QR code below or through this link.

To learn more about Geenee AR and Ready Player Me, or to create your own personalized avatar, hit the links and get started! It’s easy peasy!

Image Credit: Geenee AR x Ready Player Me 

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