LEGO-Like VR Builder ‘Bricks VR’ Heading To Quest & PC VR

Channel your inner child and craft incredible structures in this nostalgia-inducing multiplayer VR experience.

Some of my fondest childhood memories are the afternoons I spent crafting ridiculous block structures using my trusty LEGOs. So you can imagine my excitement when I heard about Bricks VR, an upcoming sandbox building experience for Oculus Quest and SteamVR headsets that allows you to craft incredible block-like structures in VR and explore your creations alongside friends.

Image Credit: BricksVR Studio

Available tomorrow via the Oculus App Lab and Steam Early Access, Bricks VR allows you and up to five other players to meet up in the same virtual space and design unique constructions using thousands of bricks with synchronized physics and no lag.

According to the developer, BricksVR Studio, the game features over 16 million brick colors to experiment with, offering plenty in the way of customization. Once you’ve finished with your masterpiece, you can open up your world to the public and share your genius. You also have the option to lock your creations so visiting players can’t make any changes; sorry griefers.

Arguably the coolest feature, however, is the ability to resize your avatar in real-time. Finally, my dream of building a city and stomping around the streets like Godzilla has finally come to fruition. You can also shrink yourself down to the size of a miniature and explore your creation from a whole new perspective.

In the video provided, we can see players experimenting with this feature to create some hilarious scenarios.

Image Credit: BricksVR Studio

Bricks VR launches in early access tomorrow June 30th on Oculus Quest and PC VR headsets via Steam for $14.99. The full release is currently scheduled for Fall 2021.

Moving forward, I’d love the ability to export my creations for use in other games and applications. This could be an incredibly useful tool for VR creators in terms of world-building, especially those lacking any knowledge of game development or 3D modeling.

For more information visit here.

Feature Image Credit: BricksVR Studio

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