‘Breaking Bad’ Show Creator Teases Upcoming VR Experience

Loose lips at the Data Matters conference reveal plans for VR content based on the hit show.

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost four years since Breaking Bad concluded its fifth and final season, disappointing rabid fans across the globe. After all, the show was adored by millions and was considered among critics to be one of the greatest television shows of all time.

However with a generous amount of additional content in the form of spin-offs and adaptations flooding stores and the interwebs, it’s still fairly easy to satisfy your craving for more Heisenberg. Since its conclusion in 2013 the show has received its own digital comic book, a spin-off series starring shady lawyer Saul Goodman and a Spanish-language remake for Univison. Now it appears we’ll have an addition to the list of extra goodies in the form of an interactive Breaking Bad virtual reality experience.

Serving as a keynote speaker at this year’s Salesforce Data Matters conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, show-creator Vince Gilligan took to the stage earlier this week to take part in a discussion regarding the effects of technology, 1-on-1 consumer relations on entertainment, and media marketing.

During the talk Gilligan revealed he teamed up with Sony and was currently developing a 30-45 minute interactive virtual reality experience based on the show. Gilligan took extra care in expressing how this will not be a game, but instead an experience of some sort. The prolific creator also stated how he actually shouldn’t be talking about this project as of yet, but “what the hell.”

No details yet on a release date or which platform we can expect to see the drug-fueled adventure on, but seeing as though this is a partnership with Sony, it’s a pretty safe bet this experience is heading to PSVR. Seeing how this is likely an “experience” and not a full-fledged game, there may be hope for support on multiple platforms. So long as I can use the Move controllers to whip up batches of blue meth, I’m all for it.

Salesforce Data Matters is an annual customer intelligence event that brings market trailblazers and influencers together to “master the strategies, tactics, and intelligent technologies required to make every touch point count.”

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