Boxing Meets ‘Pong’ In ‘Sucker Punch VR’ On SteamVR & Quest

Slip on your super-powered boxing gloves and punch bricks to the beat of a thumping soundtrack.

There’s no denying the popularity of the VR rhythm game genre. Titles such as Pistol Whip, Supernatural, Ragnarok, and of course Beat Saber remain some of the most-played VR games among players at the moment, with more arriving almost every day. As a result, it can be difficult for new VR rhythm games to set themselves from the pack. In order to really stand out in this category of VR, you need to offer something truly unique; something that doesn’t feel like a carbon copy of other successful titles.

Cue Sucker Punch VR, a VR rhythm game from developer Glimpse Reality that isn’t afraid to try something new.

Sucker Punch VR takes the VR rhythm game genre and infuses it with a spastic version of the classic game Pong. In this hybrid VR experience, you and a single opponent go head-to-head in a competition to see who can punch those most cubes within a set period of time. The longer the volley, the more chaotic the game becomes as more and more cubes come flying at an increasing speed. The goal is to avoid letting the cubes fly past you.

You’ll begin by choosing a pair of special boxing gloves, each of which features its own menacing name, such as the Gauntlet of Asgard, Demon Fist, Fist-O-Fury, The Rock, and Bar Fighter. Each glove holds a specific power designed to give you an edge on the playing field. You can also mix and match gloves to harness even more powerful punching combos.

Just keep in mind that your opponent will also be choosing a special glove. So be sure to strategize beforehand!

Image Credit: Glimpse Reality

Throughout the experience, you’ll be joined by a drone sidekick there to offer you moral support during your matches. You can also find cool power-ups that will help give you a big advantage in your battles.

Each level features a different environment complete with its own unique challenges. This includes a tropical beach, a sewer with radioactive waste, a dojo, and more.

According toGlimpse Reality, Sucker Punch VR is best experienced alongside a friend. If for some reason your friends aren’t available, you can match yourself against AI opponents or just play against a random person online. Looking for an even bigger challenge? Fight your way to the top of the league tables to unlock additional trophies and achieve ultimate fighting glory!!

Image Credit: Glimpse Reality

Expect Sucker Punch VR to grow over time as the team continues to introduce new power gloves, power-ups, and arenas to battle in.

Sucker Punch VR will be available on SteamVR starting November 18th. Glimpse Reality is working on finalizing a version for the Quest and Quest 2 with the goal of releasing on the same date as Steam. More information to come soon.

You can join Discord to stay up-to-date on all of the Sucker Punch VR news.

Feature Image Credit: Glimpse Reality

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