‘Boneworks’ Meets ‘Fall Guys’ In ‘MarathRUN’ On Oculus Quest

Race other players across a series of VR obstacle courses in this physics-driven multiplayer experience.

Available now on Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 headsets as a free demo, MarathRUN combines physics-driven VR interactions with classic platforming gameplay mechanics to deliver a unique multiplayer obstacle course experience that can best be described as Boneworks meets Fall Guys.

Upon logging into the game, you’re presented with several options, including the ability to switch server locations, join random games, or create your own private room with friends. Once you’ve connected, each player can vote for one of four courses available as part of the alpha release. Each offers its own unique obstacles to overcome, from monkey bars and rock walls to trick platforms and giant rolling boulders à la Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Similar to physics-driven games like Boneworks, MarathRUN allows for realistic interactions between you and the in-game world. If you miss a jump, for instance, you can cling to the side of a platform with your hands and pull yourself up over the edge by raising the lower half of your body using the right thumbstick.

Each player also comes equipped with a pair of blue and red pickaxes which can be used to navigate certain obstacles. The controls take some getting used to at first. Thankfully MarathRUN offers an informative tutorial as well as a small playground to practice your skills in between rounds. There are also several checkpoints scattered throughout each course, allowing you to respawn after failing an obstacle. If I had to offer some advice to new players, I’d say take your time completing each obstacle.

While the game is still in its early stages, the free demo offers a plethora of obstacles to navigate. Random matchmaking is difficult at the moment, though if you are able to find a match or log on with friends you’re in for a real treat. I’m very excited to see how MarathRUN continues to progress on Oculus Quest. I’d love the ability to create my own courses in VR, a feature that’s been noticeably absent in similar games such as Fall Guys, which you can also play in VR thanks to this custom VRChat world.

You can download the MarathRUN Demo now via SideQuest.

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