Boneworks Creators Working On Follow-Up VR Game For Quest And PC VR

‘Project 4’ will utilize the same physics-driven game mechanics featured in Boneworks. 

This past September VR developer Stress Level Zero (Boneworks, Hover Junkers, Duck Season) announced it was working on a brand new VR game for the Oculus Quest. Referred to as ‘Project 4,’ we still know next to nothing about this mysterious new title other than the fact it will utilize the same mechanics and core systems featured in 2019’s Boneworks. 

In a new company blog post, Oculus sat down with Boneworks Director Brandon Laatsch and Creative Director Alex Knoll to chat more about the development process behind the experimental VR sandbox experience. During the interview, the team confirmed they are hard at work on the development of their follow-up game and that more information will be provided later this year. 

“VR is so new that starting on your masterpiece from the get-go will be a lot more perilous than making a bunch of smaller, more iterative projects to build up to more elaborate productions,” explained Laatsche. “We’re working on bringing ​Boneworks​’ mechanics and core systems to Oculus Quest in an all-new project that we will have more to show from as the year goes on.”

During the initial reveal, Stress Level Zero confirmed Project 4 would be arriving on Oculus Quest headsets. According to a Steam blog post discovered by RoadtoVR, however, it appears as though the game will be arriving on major PC VR headsets as well. A member of the Stress Level development team going by the name of Cfish (most likely Alex Knoll) responds to a post—an inquiry into whether or not the mysterious VR game will be heading to SteamVR—stating, “It is not an exclusive title to any platform, we will put it anywhere we can.”

As for now, Oculus users can now purchase Boneworks directly from the Oculus Store. In celebration of the launch, Stress Level Zero has released a new sandbox environment for the game based on the infamous Oculus VR Tuscany Demo. It’s a pretty surreal experience, especially for those who’ve been around long enough to remember their first trip through the virtual Italian countryside.  

Boneworks is available on SteamVR and Oculus for $29.99.

Image Credit: Facebook, Oculus / Stress Level Zero

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