Boneworks Creators To Reveal Next VR Game At Meta Gaming Showcase

More physics-driven fun is on the way.

Earlier today, Stress Level Zero developer Brandon J Laatsch (Boneworks, Hover Junkers, Duck Season) offered a small update on the team’s next VR game, codenamed ‘Project 4.’ You know, because it’s their fourth project. Get it?

In a message posted to Twitter, Laatsch confirmed that the unnamed title will be making an appearance during the upcoming Meta Gaming Showcase scheduled for Wednesday, April 20th. During the event, we’ll be treated to 90 seconds of PC VR gameplay which, according to Laatsch, will be identical to that of the Quest 2 at 90hz.

Little is known about the highly-anticipated game other than the fact that it will feature the same mechanics and core systems as 2019’s Boneworks. Based on the information shared so far, it sounds as though we can expect another physics-driven adventure. Wednesday’s teaser will be available on Laatch’s YouTube channel directly after the event at 10:30AM PT.

“VR is so new that starting on your masterpiece from the get-go will be a lot more perilous than making a bunch of smaller, more iterative projects to build up to more elaborate productions,” explained Laatsche during an interview with Meta. “We’re working on bringing ​Boneworks​’ mechanics and core systems to Oculus Quest in an all-new project.”

We’ll have more to report later this week during the 2022 Meta Gaming Showcase which takes place online on Wednesday, April 20th at 10AM PT.

Image Credit: Stress Level Zero

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