‘The Bogey Ogre’ Might Be The Grossest Mixed Reality Game In Existence

Explore a disgusting mixed reality carnival powered by Magic Leap.

With businesses slowly beginning to reopen their doors to the general public, we’re now beginning to see the many changes that come with a post-COVID-19 world. Despite the numerous complications that come with operating a VR arcade during a pandemic, many providers have begun reintroducing customers to location-based VR entertainment, albeit with some new safety restrictions.

This includes the team over at Dark Slope Studios, who last week announced the launch of their latest project, The Bogey Ogre: Mixed Reality Attraction. Developed by Dark Slope in collaboration with Pukeko Pictures with additional support from the Canadian Media Fund, The Bogey Ogre might just be the grossest mixed reality experience available at the moment; and I say that with zero exaggeration.

In this family-friendly multiplayer experience, players take on a variety of extra gross carnival games in an effort to collect the most snot and be dubbed the “ultimate bogey ogre trainee.” Powered by the Magic Leap One mixed reality headset, activities include hitting slime hungry worms, cooking up incredibly heinous bogey ogre burgers and then firing said burgers at hungry ogre customers, and dodging booger projectiles sneezed out by what appears to be a close cousin of the Mucinex snot monster.

“We’re so thrilled to be able to launch The Bogey Ogre Mixed Reality experience at Stackt. It’s truly an amazing experience to see 3d animated characters appear before your eyes with the magic of Magic Leap.  If our test runs were any indication the game is a welcome respite and will guarantee a laugh,” said Dan Fill, President, Dark Slope Studios, in an official release.

The Bogey Ogre is open to visitors 11am – 7pm every weekend until October 31st at Toronto’s Stackt Market in unit 2-106. Up to two players can participate at one time. Tickets can be purchased here. For more information on the venues’ COVID-19 specific safety measures, check out the following information.

Last week Emmy award-winning VR studio Secret Location announced three new location-based VR games heading to select arcades. Veteran VR arcade VR World has also re-re-opened its doors to its new-and-improved venue in Midtown Manhattan; yet another sign of NYC’s return to normalcy.

Hopefully, with these new safety restrictions in place, location-based entertainment can once again continue to rise in popularity after being so rudely interrupted by this global pandemic. Still, it’ll be interesting to see how customers feel about placing a publicly-used headset on their faces moving forward.

Image Credit: Dark Slope

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