Listen To Your Body Art With Augmented Reality Soundwave Tattoos

Turn your favorite audio clip into a tattoo you can listen to with this AR app.

Since the neolithic times body art has been used to immortalize people, places, events and anything of great significance. And while the timeless tradition has remained effective, the permanent art form has seen very little variation since its initial development all those years ago. Now an LA-based startup is bringing the ink-based art into the 21st century with the help of interactive tattoos that allow you to ‘listen’ rather than just ‘see.’

Combining traditional body art with augmented reality, Skin Motion has developed an AR app that converts audio into a readable soundwave. Once the newly created pattern is tattooed on you can use the application to scan the ink and play back the original recording in real time.

According to Skin Motion, the idea came forth when founder and CEO, Nate Siggard, tattooed the opening lines of Tiny Dancer onto two friends during a standard appointment. Afterwards, his girlfriend casually mentioned how cool it would be if you could actually listen to the song through the art. Inspired by this unique concept, Nate then designed a custom soundwave that did just that, using a recording of his girlfriend Juliana and their 4 month old baby saying “I love you.” He posted a video featuring the high-tech ink online and before he knew what was happening it was going viral on Facebook. Soon he was receiving an onslaught of messages from people wanting their own. He then filed a patent for augmented reality tattoos and Skin Motion was officially born.

Whether it be your favorite song lyric, the comforting voice of someone special, a powerful statement or even a hilarious joke, this application can eternalize any impactful piece of audio for future enjoyment.

Want to get your own custom augmented reality tattoo? Of course you do! The Skin Motion app officially launches next month, but you can join the already ongoing waitlist via the Skin Motion website here. There is a catch however: These AR sounwave designs require a Skin Motion certified tattooed artist. These artists go through a specialized training program that ensure they have the appropriate knowledge and set of skills to correctly design these intricate patterns. A directory of approved artists will be available on the official website in the near future. If you’re an artist interested in becoming certified, you can fill out an application to become an official member of the Skin Motion Tattoo Artist Network.

So what sound would you have commemorated on your body? Personally, I wouldn’t mind having a recording of Bender from Futurama screaming, “Bite my shiny metal ass!” inked on my posterior. But hey, that’s just me.

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