‘Blaston’ Gameplay Shows Off Gladiator-Like Duels And An Arsenal Of Futuristic Weaponry

Resolution Games’ upcoming PvP dueling game arrives on Oculus Quest this fall.

Today’s Upload VR Showcase: Summer Edition revealed a generous amount of exciting updates and announcements on some of the most-highly anticipated VR games and experiences.

Among today’s many thrilling reveals was the release of a new trailer for Resolution Games’ (Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs, Bait!, Acron: Attack of the Squirrels) upcoming PvP title, Blaston, offering us our first look at the futuristic dueling games’ intense 1v1 combat.

Inspired by old west shootouts, Blaston revolves around high-stakes head-to-head battles in which players attempt to gun-down their opposition using an arsenal of futuristic weaponry capable of firing a wide assortment of different projectiles.

Based on the footage provided, players will have the ability to curve bullets, fire multiple projectiles at once, and block incoming fire using defenses such as a personal shield. Because each player is confined to a small platform, remaining in constant movement is essential for survival. It’s sort of like a classic game of dodgeball, but with guns…

“This game is really like no other VR title we’ve ever seen,” stated Mathieu Castelli, Resolution Games’ chief creative officer, in an official release. “While the bullets may come at you in slow motion, the game moves at a lightning fast pace. The idea for Blaston came from the old west shootouts and morphed into a futuristic dueling game. But in this battle, it’s all about positional awareness of you – your avatar – on a gladiator-like jousting platform just a stone’s throw away from your opponent.”

“This situation completely embodies what VR should be: an escape to a new world where the space around you and your competitor are all that matters. If you’re not focused on the moment in Blaston, analyzing every movement of not only you, but also your opponent — and the projectiles around you — you lose.”

Blaston launches on Oculus Quest this fall. Resolution Games will release additional information regarding weapons, avatars, and gameplay as we grow closer to release.

Image Credit: Resolution Games

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