Black Panther Coming To ‘Marvel Powers United VR’ As A Playable Character

Marvel’s upcoming co-op brawler adds Wakanda’s mightiest hero to the roster.

Earlier this year it was revealed that Oculus and Marvel had teamed up to develop a co-operative first-person VR brawler set within the Marvel Universe entitled Marvel Powers United VR. The promise of letting friends team-up as their favorite heroes was more than enough to entice fans of both VR technology and the popular super-human titans themselves.

Since its initial announcement, we’ve seen a steady reveal of a kick-butt roster of playable heroes, including Captain Marvel, The Hulk, Rocket Raccoon, Deadpool, Black Bolt, Crystal, and Thor. The game, however, is confirmed to launch with 18 playable superheros with eight additional villains in which to go toe-to-toe with. This begs the question: which other Marvel characters will we be controlling?

Though we still have along way to go to 18, Oculus confirmed earlier today that the eighth playable character will in fact be Black Panther.

Players will be able to step into the shoes of T’Challa himself and harness his powerful Vibranium suit to take out scores of baddies alongside your super-powered friends. Although the video reveal is brief, it appears as though players will be doing plenty of jumping, scratching and dagger-throwing while playing the role of Wakanda’s great king.

Announced during Disney’s D23 conference earlier this year, Marvel Powers United VR will launch with 18-playable super heroes and eight major villains (among scores of expendable henchmen) whom you’ll fight across 10 jaw-dropping locations.

It makes sense that Black Panther would be included in this official Marvel VR experience. While other playable characters such as Black Bolt and Crystal have seen zero screen-time in terms of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the first Black Panther made $1 billion in the global box office in just 26 days, the fifth Marvel film to cross that threshold.

With another ten heroes still yet to be announced, it’ll be interesting to see who else Marvel and Oculus bring to the table.

Marvel Powers United VR will be available to the public via the Oculus Rift July 26th for $39.99 USD. You can pre-order your copy here.

Image Credit: Oculus, Marvel

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