‘Black Hole Pool’ Brings VR Pool To Oculus Quest

Chalk your virtual pool stick and knock balls against human and AI opponents in this realistic pool simulator.

Available now on Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 headsets, Black Hole Pool is a VR sports simulator that lets you go head-to-head with both human and AI opponents in realistic games of billiards from your own immersive pool hall.

Brought to us by EagerLogic Ltd., Black Hole Pool features nine different ball games, each featuring realistic physics. You can play against your friends by invitation, challenge random strangers via online matchmaking, or work on your skills at your own pace in Practice mode. Thanks to a recent update you can now challenge AI opponents as well, offering even more felt-based action to enjoy.

You can even enjoy your favorite YouTube videos while you play via the flatscreen TV mounted to the wall. As if that weren’t enough, EagerLogic consulted with professional pool players to ensure you receive an authentic pool experience.

Image Credit: EagerLogic Ltd.

“Creating highly immersive physics has been one of the most important goals,” says the company. “We involved professional pool players to work and verify the experience. After countless hours of hard work, we hope we reached our goal.”

We’ve seen plenty of VR sports games make their way to the Oculus Quest headsets over the past few years. That being said, Black Hole Pool represents a refreshing change-of-pace from the plethora of table tennis experiences and boxing simulators available on standalone headsets.

Image Credit: EagerLogic Ltd.

Black Hole Pool is available now on Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 headsets via the Oculus App Lab and SideQuest for $9.99. There’s also a free demo you can try before you buy.

For more information visit here.

Feature Image Credit: EagerLogic Ltd.

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